Grants Committee

May 10, 2018


Charge: Promote and administer initiative grants and scholarships to members.  Administer Event Sponsorship requests from members.

Optimal number of members:  5 – 10

Goals and Responsibilities:

Sub Committees:

Classroom Grants:

  • Design and facilitategrants for MassCUE members to encourage activities that will strongly support and demonstrate:
    • Integrated technology
    • Standards-based learning
    • Enhanced student achievement
    • Development of instructional technology competency
    • Dissemination of sustainable results back to MassCUE members and others.
    • Follow up of Grant recipient’s requirements as stated in grant
    • Communicate to the members
    • Read and evaluate the proposals
    • Report to Board for a final vote of approval at the February meeting.
    • Notify the recipients
    • Post to the web page
    • Facilitate the reimbursements
    • Communicate with the grantees as necessary



Provide scholarships for attendance at the Fall Conference which includes free registration for 2 days  and a hotel room for one night for a MassCUE member who has never attended before.

  • Announce and explain the scholarship opportunity with a entry deadline.
  • Verify the applicant’s membership status.
  • Select the winner at the annual General Meeting by lottery.
  • Notify the winner, and publish to the membership.


Event Sponsorships:

  • Promote Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Review Sponsorship Applications
  • CompleteRubric for Sponsorship Applicants
  • Make Recommendations to the Board for Sponsorship Activities
  • Communicate to Members who are awarded Sponsorship Funds
  • Remind Members of Sponsored Events of responsibility to report to Com Com

Other Category: (as needed by committee)

Annotated Timeline: (date, action, responsibility)

Annotated Timeline for Grants Procedures:

  • August-September: Notify members about the upcoming Grant opportunities.
  • October: Call for Proposals with opening and closing dates and reference to requirements.
  • December-January: Evaluation and Selection
  • February: Notifications to all who submitted a proposal
  • February: Publish Grant Recipients on web page, and in a membership blast.
  • April 1: Reimbursements deadline reminder to successful candidates
  • May 15: Reimbursements deadline


Annotated Timeline for Scholarship Procedures:

  • April-May: Notification of scholarship opportunity and reference to requirements to members viaweb page, and in a membership blast.
  • June: draw name of qualified candidates at the Annual General Meeting.
  • June: Notify the winners and publish the news on the web page and in a membership blast.
  • September: Update Sponsorships via website & social media
  • December– reminder to recipient to submit a blog on the fall conference


Annotated Timeline for Sponsorship Procedures:

  • August:Reminder email regarding pictures/write-up to be sent to Communications Committee for publication in OnCUE
  • September:Update Sponsorships via website & social media
  • October:Promote Sponsorship Opportunities at CUE Table at Fall Conference
  • November:Review Sponsorship Procedures
  • January:Promote Website/Social Media for Promotion of Sponsorship Opportunities
  • April: Notification of the Masscue Sponsorships will be sent out in April for the following fiscal year(July to July)
  • May 15th -June 15th:Review and Score Sponsorship Applications.
    (Accept rolling applications after May 15th but must stay within budgeted amount)
    (Ongoing reviewing of applications)
  • June 15th-July 1st: Notify members who receive Sponsorship.


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