Fall Conference Committee

Fall Conference Committee

The Fall Conference Committee oversees the planning, promotion and coordination of the annual state technology conference. MassCUE’s Fall Conference provides educators from across the Commonwealth with exciting ways to enhance teaching and learning with technology. Presentations, workshops, hands-on sessions, vendor demonstrations, and informal gatherings to address critical topics that will shape our classrooms of the future to keep educators up to date to prepare our students for the future.

One of our biggest events of the year is the MassCUE Conference!

Be a part of the program, working on choosing exhibitors, speakers, or workshops!

This committee makes the BIG decisions for conference. You will work as part of a team towards making each conference better than the next.

Each MassCUE Committee is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers. The following make up the current Fall Conference Committee Leads and Members.


No Staff Member to show


  • TJ Carron, Budget/Finance Co-Lead
  • Jackie Collins, Budget/Finance Co-Lead
  • Rayna Freedman, Student Experience Co-Lead
  • Kim Keith, Interactive Spaces Co-Lead
  • Lory Santos, Community Experience Lead
  • Jen Skowronek, Student Experience Co-Lead
  • Neal Sonnenberg, Presenters Co-Lead
  • Colleen Terrill, Presenters Co-Lead
  • Kim Zajac, Interactive Spaces Co-Lead


  • Sarah Boyle
  • Heather Hannon
  • Karen Janowski
  • Jen Thomas


  • Julia Colby, Corporate Partner Lead
  • Ingrid Eppelsheimer, Registration Lead
  • Veronica Reed, Marketing Lead
  • Tim Reinhard, Registration Lead

Ex-Officio members

  • Chris Gosselin (President)
  • Heidi MacGregor (President-elect)
  • Savvy Demers (Executive Director)
    No news or updates to report at this time. Please check back often.

Governing Documents

2022 Conference

This year’s Fall Technology Conference, #MassCUE, will be held at Gillette Stadium on October 19-20, 2022. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting event!

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