Special Interest Group Coordinator

The MassCUE Special Interest Groups (SIG) Coordinator supports the network of SIG Leaders by sharing, coordinating, and collaborating technology-based information. Each SIG Leaders’ objective is to transform instructional or operational practices at the school or district level by sharing, collaborating and providing best practice educational opportunities to teachers and/ or support staff that reside in their SIG group.


MassCUE Special Interest Groups (SIGs) represent a growing network of connected educators, serving every grade level and subject area. The objective is to transform education by sharing, collaborating and providing professional growth opportunities that affect best practices.

We encourage new SIGs to consider focusing on using 21st Century tools to promote critical thinking and globalization. No matter the type of SIG, the focus should be to develop pedagogy that integrates technology, and improves teaching and learning. MassCUE SIGs provide the opportunity for educators to achieve this goal throughout our organization and state.

The SIG Coordinator will develop and support the network of Special Interest Groups, and communicate and coordinate with SIG Leaders.

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Do you have an idea for a SIG which you would like to lead? Each SIG is led by a leader or leaders who plan and coordinate activities for the group. Learn more about how you can become a SIG leader.

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