Influence and Advocacy Committee

Influence and Advocacy Committee

The MassCUE Influence and Advocacy Committee educates and collaborates with policy makers to achieve funding and legislation to support the appropriate use of technology in teaching, learning and administration. We work with the DESE to support educational technology in the schools, and recommend MassCUE representatives to serve on the Digital Education Advisory Council. The committee supports MassCUE members individually and collectively to influence local/state/national legislators. We work hard with other affiliates, ISTE and like-minded organizations, towards our organization’s vision by reaching out to global organizations with a similar mission to enhance global learning.

The MassCUE Influence and Advocacy Committee responsibilities include:

  • Advocate by communicating and collaborating with local and state legislators and other state organizations for the purpose of funding educational technology at state and local level that are in the best interests of education. 
  • Inform MassCUE members of important pending legislation regarding technology in education.  
  • Collaborate with other affiliates and ISTE to advance technology in schools to improve teaching and learning.  

Each MassCUE Committee is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers. The following make up the current Influence and Advocacy Committee Chairs and Committee Members.


Heidi MacGregor

Heidi MacGregor

Heidi MacGregor is the K-5 STEM Integration Specialist for Littleton Public Schools. Prior to this position, she taught 4th grade…

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Colleen Terrill

Colleen Terrill is currently the Director of Technology and Digital Learning for Seekonk Public Schools. She provides ongoing professional development for teachers in her district where she focuses on…

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  • Leo Brehm
  • Natalie Croteau
  • Ellen Driscoll
  • Jenn Judkins
  • Gail Ross-McBride
  • Karen Winsper
  • LeRoy Wong

Ex-Officio members

  • Chris Gosselin (President)
  • Heidi MacGregor (President-elect)
  • Savvy Demers (Executive Director)

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    Influence and Advocacy Update:  Federal Privacy Law

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