Influence and Advocacy Committee
Approved March 16, 2021 


ChargeThe Influence and Advocacy Committee monitors national and state legislative and technology developments. The Committee members research, develop, and promote advocacy/educational campaigns that represent and promote the interests of the membership and the educational enterprise. 

Optimal number of members: 2 or more 


  • Advocate by communicating and collaborating with local and state legislators and other state organizations for the purpose of funding educational technology at state and local level that are in the best interests of education. 
  • Inform MassCUE members of important pending legislation regarding technology in education.  
  • Collaborate with other affiliates and ISTE to advance technology in schools to improve teaching and learning.   


  1. Educate, collaborate with policy makers to achieve funding and legislation to support the appropriate use of technology in teaching, learning and administration   
  2. Work with the DESE to support educational technology in the schools  
    • Recommend MassCUE representatives to serve on the Digital Education Advisory Council  
    • Monitor state website for relevance and opportunities connected to our mission  
    • Present at conferences   
    • Collaborate on PD offerings 
  3.  Support MassCUE members individually and collectively to influence local/state/national legislators   
  4. Work with other affiliates, ISTE and like- minded organizations  
  5. Reach out to global organizations with similar mission to enhance global learning  
  6. Recruit and welcome new committee members who represent a diversity of people, identities and cultures. 

Action Items 

  • Submit monthly Influence and Advocacy alerts for the Executive Director’s member email as needed to send to members  
  • Coordinate with social media ambassador to share news  
  • Keep abreast of new legislative initiatives 
  • Review committee membership and recruit additional members (April/May)  
  • Committee to meet face to face to assess success and set new and continuing goals. 
Set goals and plan strategic moves for the year (June/July/Aug) 
  • The following actions may be taken if they advance the mission of MassCUE. The initiative will dictate the time period.  
  • Visit the Statehouse and meet with members of both Houses with specific proposals.  
  • Meet with aides to procure sponsorship for any bills proposed.  
  • Communicate with affiliates 
  • Check in with appropriate DESE staff member(s)  
  • Present information during MassCUE/MASS conference and Board meetings 
  • Propose new initiatives 
  • Assess advocacy and member needs  
  • Empower members with information to be engaged in association legislative efforts 
  • Attend and participate in Forums and/or Symposiums where interests of the membership are discussed/advocated for. 
  • Represent the organization in meetings with Department of Education (DESE / EOE) and other state agencies, in collaboration with Executive Committee. 
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