Strategic Plan

For those invested in educational innovation across Massachusetts, MassCUE is a resource-rich, vibrant network of educators, who provide New England’s premiere educational technology conference; provides ongoing, high-quality professional learning opportunities; fosters collaboration and builds community connection in physical and virtual spaces; recognizes innovation, excellence and courage through awards, grants, scholarships and publicity; advocates for strategic policies and programs; and partners with other organizations to further its shared objectives.

Annual Reports

For the fiscal years:

Governing Plan 2017-2018

Established as the blueprint for engagement, MassCUE’s strategic plan sets our governing plan, as follows:

Core Values

MassCUE abides by these standard operating principles to guide our culture of innovation and commitment to excellence for the future of educational technology in Massachusetts.

MassCUE prides itself as an organization, who:

  • Informs stakeholders and members with clarity, timelines and relevance
  • Provides a variety of high-quality, value-added services and programs
  • Partners and collaborates with organizations who are seeking a similar vision, creativity and high-quality services for the field of educational technology
  • Operates effectively and efficiently

Strategic Goals

Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence
  1. To offer more grants, scholarships, and learning opportunities to our membership
  2. Inspire and Educate Building, District, and State leaders through strategic partnerships
  3. To attract new and future educators
  4. To recognize achievements of MassCUE Members
  5. Better Communicate about Membership Benefits
  6. Continue to unify and expand the mission via the website, social media, and marketing materials
Grants, DOC, PD, Awards & Recognitions, Influence & Advocacy & Communications Committee July 2017 – June 2018
  • Increase Grants and Scholarships
  • Increase PD Offerings for Leadership
  • Promote Membership Benefits through Social Media, Website, EdCamps, Strategic Partnership Events & Conferences
  • Continued Recognition of Pathfinders, Administrators and Featured Educators, Explore other avenues for recognitions
  • Communications to higher ed organizations
  • Coordination of Social Media, Web Presence and Marketing Materials
  • Coordination of work of Social Media Ambassador and Marketing Assistant
  • Increased content and traffic to the website and through social media
Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

1. Design and publicize PD opportunities

  • MassCUE4You
  • Learning Tours
  • Strands within the conferences
  • MassCUE Central
Professional Development, Communications & Conference Committees Ongoing
  • Professional Development offered
  • Calendar of events published Evaluations
  • Expansion of Learning Tours
  • Create strands for conference workshops

2. Expand and diversify membership and participation

  • SIG groups
  • Regional Ambassadors
  • Subject Areas
  • Demographic
  • New Teacher Program
SIG and Development & Outreach Committees Ongoing
  • All SIG groups identified actively meeting and reporting back
  • SIG presence at Fall Conference
  • Develop at least 1 region and identify ambassadors
  • Feature Diverse Subject areas

3. Explore Global Connections

Professional Development, Conference, Awards & Grants and Development & Outreach Committees Ongoing
  • International presence at our conference; sessions with a Global Ed focus
  • Virtual conferencing with International groups/individuals
  • Scholarships to attend International events
  • Sponsorships of Global Ed Student Showcase
Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

1. Establish strategic partnerships for mutual benefits

  • Pursue potential affiliations with like-minded organizations to eliminate redundancy, enhance productivity and ensure flexibility for growth
  • Maintain corporate partnerships
  • Sponsor events/opportunities and PD offerings for members
  • Establish Influence & Advocacy Committee to work with legislature to develop mandates that support appropriate use of technology in schools.

2. Continue to work and collaborate with ISTE, SEDTA,COSN, DESE around advocacy
3. Determine focus areas for pro-active committee work.

Professional Development, Influence & Advocacy and Development & Outreach Committees Ongoing
  • New partnerships forged, signed agreements
  • Mutually engagement, planning and mounting
  • Presence of new partners at Events and Conferences
  • Continue to advocate for state/federal funding for technology.
  • Committee planning and documentation
  • Strategic planning opportunities for Administrators
  • Summit around central focus areas at conference
Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

1. Review and develop our Financial Structures and Goals

  • Finance Committee will have regular meetings and budget oversight
  • Re-evaluate long-term Investment Plan
  • Develop various financial policies and procedures
Finance Committee Ongoing
  • Monthly Financial Reports to Board with Summary
  • Continue to decrease material weaknesses in annual audit
  • Accountability and accuracy with billing

2. To identify, document, and implement operational Board and Committee procedures

  • Update Governing Documents
    • Review Committee Abstracts and Procedures
    • Review guidelines and policies
  • Research and implement a full time position of Conference Coordinator
Executive Director, Conference & Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Committees Ongoing
  • Document of operational procedures with timelines and responsibilities
  • Updated Board documents
  • New employee hired

3. Explore restructuring of the board from a working board to a governing board

  • Research other CUES
  • Determine what is working and what is not working
  • Discuss interaction of volunteers and the board
MassCUE Board Complete by June 2018
  • Report with data
  • Establish protocols of interactions between volunteers, Board members, and employees

4. Increase non-board members roles on committees

  • Outreach throughout the state
  • Regional events
  • Non-board member recruitment at fall and spring conference
Executive Director, MassCUE Board, Development & Outreach Committee Ongoing
  • Increased number of non-board members on committees

5. Improve communication among board members, committees, and employees

  • Follow developed norms
  • Develop guidelines for what to do if there is an issue
Executive Director, MassCUE Board, Employees and Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Committee Ongoing
  • Follow Up surveys and discussions at future meetings


For reference, you may download the entire MassCUE strategic plan for FY2017-18 (Accepted, with amendments).

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