Operating & Strategic Planning

For those invested in educational innovation across Massachusetts, MassCUE is a resource-rich, vibrant network of educators, who provide New England’s premiere educational technology conference; provides ongoing, high-quality professional learning opportunities; fosters collaboration and builds community connection in physical and virtual spaces; recognizes innovation, excellence and courage through awards, grants, scholarships and publicity; advocates for strategic policies and programs; and partners with other organizations to further its shared objectives. MassCUE develops a Yearly Operating Plan, as well as a long-term Strategic Plan. (Strategic Plan coming soon)

Annual Reports

For the fiscal years:

Operating Plan 2020-2021

Established as the blueprint for engagement, MassCUE’s strategic plan sets our governing plan, as follows:

Core Values

MassCUE abides by these standard operating principles to guide our culture of innovation and commitment to excellence for the future of educational technology in Massachusetts.

MassCUE prides itself as an organization, who:

  • Informs stakeholders and members with clarity, timelines and relevance
  • Provides a variety of high-quality, value-added services and programs
  • Partners and collaborates with organizations who are seeking a similar vision, creativity and high-quality services for the field of educational technology
  • Operates effectively and efficiently

Strategic Goals

Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

Design a modernized, sustainable staffing model

  1. Conduct an analysis of current staffing. Identify any patterns and trends of staffing over the past decade, in relation to program, budget, and workload growth
  2. Dovetail this analysis with the board’s self-assessment and prioritizing work described above
  3. Plan for the gradual introduction of staff roles that can permit MassCUE to pursue its existing and future plans
Ad hoc staffing committee Sept-February
  • Formation of ad hoc staffing committee
  • Budget analysis
  • Staffing report
  • Recommendation to the board 

Develop a plan to diversify the MassCUE board of directors and its committees

DOC, I & A Sept.-June
  • Explore diversity/cultural proficiency training
  • Create statement of where we are
  • Define for our organization Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Research possibility of advisor
  • Explore Massachusetts State Equity Plan
Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

Improve internal communication

  • Work on improving communications among board members.
  • Consider ways to re-organize the O365 system.
  • Consider ways to reduce the volume of emails
  • Explore additional innovations for internal communications.
  • Increase security to block spammers and safeguard our accounts
Staff & Ad Hoc O365 committee July-June
  • Moving from Sharepoint to creation of Teams
  • Decrease in email
  • Ease of use for committee work

2. Improve external story-telling capacity

  • Develop and share consistent narratives “recognizing innovation, excellence and courage” (from the core language of MassCUE mission statement)
  • Courageous, bold, path breaking steps grantees, members or partners take
  • Ways members lead within or beyond MassCUE
Communications, All other committees July-June
  • Develop a coordinated MassCUE story
  • Continue to look at analytics and share analytics with all committees
  • Ways grantees, members and partners innovate

3. Adopt more strategic and interactive forms of communication

  • Increase communication to ensure information is accessible and interactive to members and non members
  • Investigate how other ISTE affiliates activate the thinking of their members and consistently provide resources to them online 
Communications Committee July-June
  • Evidence of communication pushed out such as member benefit information, host educational chats, and co-host social media events with partner organizations
Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

Not applicable in year one


Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

Involve more districts of students with limited access to technology and learning opportunities in MassCUE’s core programming

  • Make it really easy for newcomers to MassCUE to join. Consider:
    • Making membership free in the first year
    • Giving away membership to all first-time conference or PD attendees
    • Offering districts discount packages for larger group memberships
    • Creating a membership scholarship fund (awarded anonymously)
    • Securing grants and donations to underwrite membership
DOC, Grants, BPP July-June
  • Collaborate with MASS (Shelley)
  • Development of ambassador program (DOC
  • Explore process of supporting districts (DOC)
  • Increased participation of new districts
  • Pilot efforts to build up membership of underserved educators and districts
  • Form partnerships with motivated districts-whether urban, rural, or other-who serve students with limited access to technology and/or tech-related learning (DOC)
  • Partner with highly motivated districts and/or allied organizations to secure philanthropic funding for educator membership and participation in MassCUE (Grants)
  • Examine current DOC committee structure-(DOC and BPP)
Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

Develop a stronger grasp of the appeal and impact of all PD programming

  • Engage these questions: Why does some PD work and other PD not? Why is MassCUE consistently asked to offer more and more varied PD, and still struggling to fill, and sometimes having to cancel, the PD that it does offer?
  • Conduct a careful analysis of all PD offered by MassCUE, including both careful assessments of presenters’ intended impact, actual impact as reported by participants/observed by others, and inquiries into any differences between intended and actual outcomes.
  • Reinvigorate MassCUE’s evaluation of PD so that MassCUE can learn what works more consistently, and apply those lessons to future PD design.
PD and finance Conference September-June
  • Report of analysis
  • Recommendations for future PD for year 2
  • Creation updated and streamlined evaluation
  • Report on effectiveness of badging program
  • Increased number on onsite badging opportunities

Increase the hands-on capacity building effects of PD sessions

  • Explore ways to give more committed participants and adult learners more extended learning opportunities, either through MassCUE or through one of its many partner organizations/associations
Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

Not applicable in year one


Action Item Responsibility Timeline Evidence

Not applicable in year one



For reference, you may download the entire MassCUE strategic plan for FY2018-19 (Accepted, with amendments).

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