Operating & Strategic Planning

For those invested in educational innovation across Massachusetts, MassCUE is a resource-rich, vibrant network of educators, who provide New England’s premiere educational technology conference; provides ongoing, high-quality professional learning opportunities; fosters collaboration and builds community connection in physical and virtual spaces; recognizes innovation, excellence and courage through awards, grants, scholarships and publicity; advocates for strategic policies and programs; and partners with other organizations to further its shared objectives. MassCUE develops a Yearly Operating Plan, as well as a long-term Strategic Plan. (Strategic Plan coming soon)


Annual Reports

For the fiscal years:


MassCUE FY24 Operating Plan

View Document FY24 Operating Plan


Strategic Goals

Action Item Responsibility

Prepare for an equity audit

Executive Director, DEI Committee

Continue DEI Training for Board Members

Executive Director, Executive Leadership Team, DEI Committee

Continue to support and expand our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission

Executive Director, Executive Leadership Team, DEI Committee

Improve internal and external communication by increasing the audience utilizing inclusive messaging

Executive Director, Staff, Communications Committee, Fall Conference Committee

Action Item Responsibility

Examine and resolve current questions about the purpose and goals for membership

Executive Director, Executive Leadership Team

Target communities previously not reached by MassCUE.  These could be due to geography, demographics, access to technology, etc.

Executive Director, Staff, Awards Committee, Communications Committee, Grants Committee

Develop and implement partnerships with other organizations to learn and share best practices

Executive Director

Foster mutually beneficial relationships with DESE/Superintendents

Executive Director, Advisors
Action Item Responsibility

Offer relevant and targeted professional development in innovative and engaging formats

Professional Development Committee, Fall Conference Committee, Staff

Seek membership feedback regarding targeted professional development offerings

Executive Director, Professional Development Committee, Fall Conference Committee

Create a menu of professional development options for MassCUE 4 You to share

Executive Director, Professional Development Committee
Action Item Responsibility

Collaborate with district, state, and federal level policy makers, with the goal of advocating for equity in educational technology spaces

Executive Director, Influence and Advocacy Committee

Leverage diverse funding sources to expand MassCUE

Executive Director, Executive Leadership Team, Finance Committee, Grants Committee

Identify under-resourced districts with whom relationships can be built

Executive Director, Staff, Elections Committee

Advocate and amplify student voices to gain their perspective EdTech can/does play in their lives

Executive Director, Staff, ALL Committees


Governance: Bylaws, Policies & Procedures

View MassCUE Bylaws, Policies & Procedures


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