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What’s Your Story?

Have you ever discovered a new idea, practice, or tech tool from a MassCUE conference session that you tried out in your classroom with great success? Or, met someone at a MassCUE event who has changed your approach to teaching? Or, expanded your professional learning network through a MassCUE Twitter chat? MassCUE has had an impact on so many across the state of Massachusetts and beyond…What impact has MassCUE had on you? What’s YOUR story? We would love to hear! Submit your story as a written post or a video* to be featured on our MassCUE website and social media channels.

*Videos may be shared via link in the form below on a platform such as YouTube, Google Drive or DropBox.


Need some inspiration? Check out this amazing impact stories from two of our Board members, Erin Fisher and Torrey Trust!

Erin’s Story

Torrey’s Story

image ttrust storyWhen I started my new role as an Assistant Professor of Learning Technology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2014, I was fortunate to connect with two incredibly brilliant and talented colleagues – Dr. Robert (Bob) Maloy and Dr. Sharon Edwards. During my second year at UMass Amherst, Bob and I co-authored a grant proposal to develop a 3D printing community of practice for local teachers. As we started collecting some of the first ever data on K-12 teachers’ use of 3D printers in their classrooms, Bob suggested that we apply to present the data at MassCUE. Coming from California, I was familiar with CUE, but I had never heard of MassCUE. Once Bob told me that the conference was at the stadium where the Patriots play, I was sold! Of course, little did I know that the stadium “wow factor” was just the beginning. The first MassCUE conference that I attended was packed with so many incredible sessions and people and ideas. I left the conference re-energized and inspired to incorporate more technologies and student-centered teaching practices into my work. Ever since then, I have applied to present at MassCUE and attended every year. And every year I am pleasantly surprised with how much I discover and can take back to my students and colleagues. From the little things, like Google chrome extensions that make life as a teacher easier, to the bigger things, like how to design with accessibility in mind, I have learned so much from MassCUE over the years. The impact that MassCUE has had on me is immeasurable!


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