Corporate Partner Showcase, May 20, 2022

Corporate Partner Showcase

Are you a decision maker for hardware and/or software purchases — Technology Directors, Curriculum Coordinators, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals, Library Managers, and more?

MassCUE and our Corporate Partners are hosting an event just for you!!!

It will be a fun-filled day filled with lots of learning and collaborating.  Meet with our Corporate Partners, talk about the future, learn what they have to offer, and be a part of a special day.

Learn more about the day and register here.  We are looking forward to seeing you.


Premier Corporate Partner Offerings


Trafera Logo

Trafera Q&A on the Emergency Connectivity Fund

A third window to apply for the Emergency Connectivity Fund is opening! As an ECF-approved vendor, Trafera wants to help you prepare for this upcoming application window.

Blog Article on Questions/Answers around the Emergency Connectivity Fund



Gold Corporate Partner Offerings

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CDW-G Research Hub

Check out how you can "Research Everything IT" in the CDW Research Hub.  View Articles and Case Studies on Cloud, Data Analytics, Data Center, Digital Workspace, Hardware, Networking, Security, Services, and Software.  Great way to enhance your knowledge in the IT world.
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Check out these events being offered by Microsoft! Click on the event information to register.

Security Immersion Workshop

Shifts to the cloud alter security challenges. It is more important than ever to detect and defend with tools designed to support flexible, dynamic cloud environments. Now you can!

Through the Make It Real: Security Immersion Workshop, you will step into the role of a Cyber Defense Analyst and use Microsoft XDR + SIEM security tools to investigate indicators of an advanced threat that is conducting an attack on your network across multiple phases of the kill chain.

Note: EASTERN Time will be 2:00-5:00PM

Microsoft KQL and Sentinel 

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool developed to integrate cloud security and artificial intelligence (AI). Azure Sentinel will help customers to identify security issues in their environment, and then use automation to help resolve these issues.

May 17, 2022 | 1:00-4:00 PM CT | Register Here  Note: EASTERN Time will be 2:00-5:00PM

Virtual Workshops

There are so many options to choose from with multiple dates and times.  All workshops are available on their Virtual Workshops and Training page.  Choose a workshop listed below or browse the workshops on their Virtual Workshops and Training page; when you find one you are interested in, click on it, and you will see how to register for each workshop.

Offering workshops on Teams and Excel. Visit Microsoft’s Virtual Workshops and Training page; you can explore Teams and get started and learn advanced features of Microsoft Excel. Experience virtual travel to the Outback and Africa or take some museum tours to the National Museum of Natural History. 

MassCUE Members -- want to request training from Microsoft whenever your school is in need of it?  Fill out this intake form.


image Teq logo

Check out these events being offered by Teq! Click on the event information below to register.

EdTech Essentials with Monica Burns

Catch up with EdTech Essentials.  Dr. Burns covers a lot of ground -- from curating resources to assessment tools.
Visit the OTIS for Educators EdTech Essentials Page listing all the sessions below.  Click on any session to view (after registering for your free account).

  • EdTech Essentials: Curate with Wakelet
  • EdTech Essentials: Collaborate with Lumio
  • EdTech Essentials: Assess with Nearpod
  • EdTech Essentials: Curating Resources and Expanding Classroom Walls
  • EdTech Essentials: Creation and Collaboration with Digital Tools
  • EdTech Essentials: Assessment and Goal Setting

View Teq Otis for Educators Free Offerings

So many offerings on so many topics.  View the Free Offerings page and select any workshop to view (after registering for your free account).

  • Creating an Add-On with Google Apps Script; Google Forms; Google Slides; Increasing Critical Thinking using Google Workspace Apps; Student Engagement with Google Tools
  • Rube Goldberg offerings
  • Wonder Workshop's Virtual Robot and Class Connect Webinar
  • Quick Tips for Elementary EdTech

and so many more.  Sign up for a free basic account with Teq and explore all these free offerings.

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Need information about the Emergency Connectivity Fund?

View the ECF FUNDING FLYER created by Whalley Computer Associates with pertinent information on the latest funding window.



Visit our Corporate Partners page and learn more about each partner.

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