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Artificial Intelligence in Education: What Do We Need to Know?
Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 3:30 P.M. (EDT)

Learn how AI is being used in education, its implications for the future, and how it has impacted learning. Then, we'll explore resources for teaching about AI. You'll walk away with a better understanding of the ethical considerations of using AI as well as the benefits of using AI for education. The session will include an overview of what AI is, resources to introduce it to students, some key facts about the use of AI in our lives, and activities & courses to explore. Plus, we'll show you how to explore some useful AI tools and provide AI activity ideas.



Creative, Productive, and Personalized Classrooms
Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 3:30 P.M. (EDT)

This session will focus on how and why you can engage students in learning and assessments. We will explore different types of assessments, methods of assessment, and tools that promote student choice and voice in learning. We'll also discuss how you can use assessments to provide students with opportunities to develop essential skills. Some methods we will cover include choice boards, genius hour, and PBL STEM activities. Join us to discover how to facilitate these methods and foster student agency in learning.




Virtual Workshops

There are so many options to choose from with multiple dates and times.  All workshops are available on their Virtual Workshops and Training page.  Browse the workshops on their Virtual Workshops and Training page; when you find one you are interested in, click on it, and you will see how to register for each workshop.  Microsoft’s Educator Center 

Visit Microsoft’s Educator Center for Educator Training and Professional Development on topics such as Blended, Remote, and Hybrid Learning; STEM, Coding, and Esports; Accessibility and Inclusivity; Student-Centered Learning; Social-Emotion Learning; and the Microsoft Instructional Toolbox.  View Product Guides on Teams, Minecraft Education, Office 365, Flip, OneNote, PowerPoint, Immersive Reader, and their Reading Progress Tool.  Check out their Educator Programs such as Microsoft Learn for Educators Program, Microsoft Educator, Showcase Schools, Global Minecraft Mentor, and more.


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