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Procedures for Influence & Advocacy


Influence and Advocacy Committee

Approved September 19, 2016


Charge: The Influence and Advocacy Committee monitors national and state legislative and technology developments. The Committee members research, develop, and promote advocacy/educational campaigns that represent and promote the interests of the membership and the educational enterprise.

Optimal number of members: 2 or more



  1. Educate, collaborate with policy makers to achieve funding and legislation to support the appropriate use of technology in teaching, learning and administration
  2. Draft position papers on specific topics that align with the mission of MassCUE.
  3. Work with the DESE to support educational technology in the schools
    1. Recommend MassCUE representatives to serve on the Digital Education Advisory Council
    2. Monitor state website for relevance and opportunities connected to our mission
    3. Read proposals
    4. Present at conferences
    5. Collaborate on PD offerings
  4. Support MassCUE members individually and collectively to influence local/state/national legislators
  5. Work with other affiliates, ISTE and like- minded organizations
  6. Reach out to global organizations with similar mission to enhance global learning

Action Items