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SEM (Southeastern MA) SIG

MassCUE Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a great way to connect with other members in your region or your area of interest.
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Sometimes you have to get out of the office, change your environment and connect with others who are facing the same challenges. That’s one of the main benefits of MassCUE’s Southeastern MA Special Interest Group (SEM SIG), according to SIG Co-Leader, Tim Rapoza. The SEM SIG gives technology administrators and teachers from Southeastern, MA the opportunity to meet, network, share best practices and learn. They meet monthly during the school year at various locations in the region, including Medway, North Attleborough, Norton, Franklin, Plainville and Foxborough. Topics discussed at meetings run the gamut of issues important to technology educators from cybersecurity and federal technology funding sources to the latest ed tech hardware and software. Rapoza points out that the meetings are great sources of information, even for topics that are not on the formal agenda. 

 “Solutions always pop out of the conversations,” Rapoza says. “The SEM SIG is a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues. It’s a resource to provide vetted solutions to common problems.” 

 The SEM SIG has nearly two dozen members with 5-7 member districts in attendance.  Meetings can also feature guest speakers and demonstrations from digital learning companies on the latest ed tech solutions available for schools and districts. 

 “The mission of the SEM SIG is to provide members with an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on common issues and to provide a conduit to select providers to propose solutions to address those issues,” says Rapoza.  

 The SEM SIG is open to any and all MassCUE members in the Southeastern, MA region. 

 “Come join us. Collaborate with your colleagues and see what other schools are doing in technology to solve common problems,” says Rapoza. “When you are a part of this SIG, you have a team of professionals as a resource to support you. 

 If you are interested in joining the SEM SIG, contact Tim Rapoza at or Rich Boucher at 


If you would like more information about the SEM SIG, visit the SIG page on our website.



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