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Procedures for Grants


Grants Committee

November 12, 2014

Charge: Promote and administer initiative grants and scholarships to members.  Search out grants and coordinate the writing of proposals to benefit MassCUE.

Optimal number of members:


Define each annual grant

Communicate to the Board for approval

Communicate to the membership

Read and evaluate the proposals

Written report to the Board for a final vote of approval at the February meeting, or by an online vote of the Board prior to that meeting

Chairperson notifies the recipients

Facilitate awarding of the grant money

Follow up with the grant recipients to ensure that they meet their obligations to MassCUE

Contact Conference Committee regarding expected presentations

Contact the Communications Committee regarding articles for publication or web site postings

Remind recipients to send summaries for posting on the web site

Send summaries to the webmaster for posting

Sub Committees:

Initiative Grants Subcommittee:

Design and facilitation of grants for MassCUE members to encourage activities that will strongly support and demonstrate:

Grant Searching and Writing Subcommittee