Fall Conference 2023: Celebrate our Award Winners

MassCUE Fall Conference 2023

Join us at our Fall Conference 2023 to congratulate and celebrate our upcoming award recipients.  We are pleased to honor the recipients of the Pathfinder Award and the Shelley Chamberlain Community Service Award.


Pathfinder Award 2023

Michael Tinker
Digital Learning Specialist, Pembroke Public Schools

Michael Tinker, MassCUE Pathfinder Award, 2023Mike came to Pembroke in 2021 eager and willing to collaborate. Nearing the end of the pandemic, still in masks, this was not an easy feat. He dedicated time getting to know every teacher personally, in five different buildings, across the entire district. Understanding different teaching styles and comfort levels with technology is something that Mike took seriously, and he jumped in with both feet collaborating with those teachers who had been waiting so long for his expertise. Despite traveling daily from one end of town to the other, spending time in classrooms pre-k through high school, he has an omnipresence in Pembroke. Whenever a teacher or student has an issue or question with something technology-related, he is there.

Mike is known for his flexibility, professionalism, and willingness to assist teachers incorporating technology into lessons they already have, as well as making himself available to teach his own unique technology lessons. He serves as a sounding board for many teachers who might have ideas about how to infuse technology into their lessons, but are unsure where to start. His calm, approachable demeanor allows a safe place for staff to come with questions regarding tech instruction and implementation. “We have to remember who we’re here for – the students.” This is something that Mike says often. His philosophy is students first, tools second. He routinely promotes the idea of student data privacy among all staff. Besides being on top of all the best practices surrounding data privacy, the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and parental consent, he also takes on a management role for students who might need discipline surrounding technology use.

Mike demonstrates a clear vision for technology in Pembroke and strong leadership skills in his role as a district-wide digital learning specialist. One of his passions is assistive technology. While he recognizes that assistive tech is a tool that can be useful for all students, he devotes a great deal of time working with special educators, focusing on our population of students with complex disabilities within the district. He initiated an assistive technology special interest group through MassCUE to unite educators from various districts and collaborate on best practices and advances in assistive technology in order to better serve the Pembroke community and beyond. Above his office door in one building is a gift which was given to him by a colleague, the Ted Lasso inspired sign: BELIEVE; because that is the role he has effortlessly taken in Pembroke.

Christina Scilingo
Digital Learning Specialist, Norton Public Schools

Christina Scilingo, MassCUE Pathfinder Award, 2023Ms. Christina Scilingo is a dedicated and innovative digital learning specialist who has made a profound impact on our school district by providing instructional support and fostering a culture of collaboration and professional growth. Her dedication to professional development is exemplary. Whether through her Lite Bytes tech newsletter, YouTube PD playlists, scheduled coaching sessions, Norton University courses, or on-the-fly support, Christina ensures all staff have the necessary tools and knowledge to leverage technology effectively. Her ability to differentiate professional development has significantly enhanced our educators’ learning experiences.

Christina works with staff across all five schools in grades Pre-K-12. She seamlessly pivots between grade levels and content areas and has earned the respect and trust of her colleagues. Her commitment to modeling exemplary lessons and co-teaching with classroom teachers has empowered educators to leverage technology effectively resulting in equitable student experiences and increased staff confidence. She partners with the district mentor leaders to prepare new staff for the realities of 1:1 classrooms. Christina’s collaborative efforts with building and district administrators have resulted in the design of pre-approved educator SMART goals that incorporate technology coaching cycles. This initiative has engaged almost half of our staff over the past two years. This model has been replicated by others seeking similar success in their schools and districts and Christina’s leadership and collaboration have been instrumental in its success. Christina effectively shares her expertise and inspires staff daily to explore new possibilities for utilizing technology while promoting a culture of continuous learning and growth among educators.

When collaborating with our tech team to apply for a professional development grant through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Christina prioritized the need to build in time for teachers to explore STEAM cart technologies. This would help teachers to envision their students with the same materials and allow them to create projects that align with Project-Based Learning and Universal Design for Learning initiatives.

Ms. Scilingo’s impact extends beyond our school community. She has established herself as a prominent presenter and workshop facilitator at regional events such as MassCUE, Medfield Public Schools’ Digital Learning Day, New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS), Salem State’s PD Collab, and DESE’s Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) Summit. Through her practical presentations and collaborative discussions, she has ignited inspiration and encouraged educators to explore innovative pedagogical approaches fueled by technology. Her commitment to sharing and supporting colleagues with a “you can do it” attitude is truly commendable.

Ryan Robidoux
Digital Learning Specialist, Norton Public Schools

Ryan Robidoux, MassCUE Pathfinder Award, 2023Mr. Ryan Robidoux is a passionate digital learning specialist who has had a profound impact across the Norton Public Schools. He is proficient in computer science pedagogy and has quickly become an important instructional leader in our district. He works alongside staff to integrate Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) standards into core curriculum through modeling and co-teaching lessons. Ryan played a pivotal role in our transition from focusing on the integration of digital tools to incorporating DLCS standards. This is shifting educator practice to provide more equitable experiences across grade levels. Ryan has taken it upon himself to update our DLCS Power Standards document first developed in 2016. He has identified activities and examples that all teachers can incorporate into their classrooms.

Ryan works across five schools with teachers and students in grades PreK-12. He easily transitions from one grade to the next and is able to offer staff ideas and feedback to improve their practice. He collaborated with our tech team in writing a professional development grant through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) for teachers to participate in building based digital equity teams. Through his work facilitating our Digital Equity Teams, Ryan introduced educators to machine learning for kids, which inspired staff to develop projects for students to create their own emotional machines to align with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Zones of Regulation.

Mr. Ryan Robidoux is involved in many local, regional, and national technology groups. He readily shares ideas and is willing to offer his time to help others. Ryan regularly presents workshops and sessions at Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) events regionally and nationally and will be sharing our district’s digital equity work at DESE’s DLCS Summit. He is a professional development facilitator for the National Center for Computer Science Education and he participated as a mentor in their Coaching for Equity program.

Ryan is eager to share the work he is doing and be a resource to others. He has an exceptional working relationship with the other district digital learning specialist, Ms. Christina Scilingo. They are a true team working together to build Norton’s coaching program to be a model program. In addition to supporting teachers within their classrooms, they hold regular meetings with other district instructional coaches to align practices. They schedule sessions with building administrators to support not only the goals for their schools but the admin’s professional goals as well. They participate on numerous district committees including Project Based Learning (PBL), technology, hiring, and math. Ryan and Christina complement each other’s strengths and are committed to supporting all educators and students of Norton.


Brandon Hall
Director of Instructional Technology, Pembroke Public Schools

Brandon Hall, MassCUE Shelley Chamberlain Award 2023He’s the producer, host and driving force behind the MassCUE Get a CUE podcast, Director of Instructional Technology for the Pembroke Public Schools and a tireless supporter of educators and innovation in education. Brandon Hall is the 2023 winner of the Shelley Chamberlain Community Service Award.

“Brandon was the unanimous choice of the Awards Committee,” MassCUE Board President Chris Gosselin said.

Named for former, long-time MassCUE Executive Director Shelley Chamberlain, the Community Service award is given to educators who have strong interpersonal leadership skills, emphasize others over themselves and impact their school or community through their vision and work.

“Brandon is a district leader in Massachusetts who has innovated teaching and learning in his district,” said one committee member in their nomination. “He actively participates in statewide conversations around technology, innovation and digital learning. His impact of participating in the MassCUE Communications Committee and specifically leading the Get a CUE Podcast has been felt throughout the organization and beyond.”

Hall developed the MassCUE Get a CUE podcast to share ideas and help educators navigate the changing digital learning landscape. The podcast, which features interviews with innovative educators, recently celebrated it’s 50th episode. He also serves as the host at the Live at MassCUE Fall Conference broadcast booth and volunteers in various other capacities as an active MassCUE member.

In his role as Director of Instructional Technology, he provides ongoing professional development and support for teachers in Pembroke as well as at various conferences such as MassCUE, Googlepalooza, and ISTE. Brandon is a member of the Southeast, Cape and Islands Technology Administrators group, a Google Certified Trainer, and an Apple Certified Teacher as well as a Seesaw, Flipgrid, and iCivics ambassador.

He will be presented with the Shelley Chamberlain Community Service Award at the MassCUE President’s Dinner, which will be held at Gillette Stadium to kick off the MassCUE Fall Conference in October.


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