Professional Development Committee

September 25, 2015

Charge: Plan, develop and implement a variety of professional development opportunities around the state.

Optimal number of members:


  • planning pertinent professional development to a wide variety of interests
  • coordinating the delivery of professional development opportunities in a variety of regions across the state

PD Proposal Packet

The PD Executive Sub Committee will create a packet for workshop and course proposals. Proposals may be solicited or volunteered to the committee. The sub committee will choose which workshops and courses to offer.

Application Procedure

The applicant should present an application to the committee according to the following deadlines:     Dates for workshops will be specified in the RFP. The committee will consider applications based upon the policy included in the application packet.

Once a workshop is selected,

… the Executive Director will work with the Sub Committee to:

  • Draw up any contracts needed
  • Set price
  • Decide what materials will be needed for the workshop.

Point Person

  • The Committee Chair and Executive Director will decide who will be the point person for each event at the time of accepting the proposal.
  • The point person will notify the applicant of the Committee’s favorable decision within two weeks following the submission deadline.
  • The same point person will notify applicants whose proposals were rejected no later than 2 weeks after the decision has been made.
  • The Executive Director will be responsible for contracting with paid presenters.

Preparing for the Event

Executive Director and staff will:

  • Set up the registration
  • Advertise the workshop/course through all MassCUE channels
  • Select site for the workshop (site may be proposed by instructor/host)
  • Order any committee approved materials
  • Set up refreshments, if necessary.
  • Create and implement evaluations
  • Act as liaison between MassCUE and presenter(s) of workshop

 When cancellation of a workshop or course is due to low enrollment or when there is a change of instructor or venue, the PD Executive Sub Committee will be notified before the decision is made public.

The Executive Director will make emergency/weather cancellations.

Competitive Professional Development Benefit for Selected Members

When a Board approved opportunity is created for a limited number of members to receive professional development in a specific area, the following procedures will be followed.

  • The PD Committee will recommend a sub-committee and chair to oversee the project. The sub-committee will conclude when the special project has been completed.
  • All MassCUE members will be notified of the opportunity by MassCUE via an e-mail blast, social media and other appropriate means at least 3 weeks prior to the deadline for membership submissions to participate.
  • Board members who meet the requirements of the project may submit a form to participate, but if they are appointed, they should use funding from their budgeted Board PD allowance.
  • Board members may not get compensation for teaching courses for MassCUE.
  • Board members must abide by MassCue’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

The notification will include:

  • A statement describing the project
  • Prerequisites for participation
  • Description of any commitment to MassCUE following the PD
  • A submission form developed by the ad-hoc committee which reflects the candidates qualifications and commitment to the needs of the project
  • A rubric for selection
  • A deadline for submission of the form

A waiting list of qualified members who submitted a form will be prepared in case anyone drops out and a replacement is needed.

A recommendation for appointment of participants will be presented to the Board for approval.

No more than one week following Board approval, all members who submitted a form will be notified of who the appointed participants are.


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