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Procedures for Professional Development


Professional Development Committee

September 25, 2015

Charge: Plan, develop and implement a variety of professional development opportunities around the state.

Optimal number of members:


PD Proposal Packet

The PD Executive Sub Committee will create a packet for workshop and course proposals. Proposals may be solicited or volunteered to the committee. The sub committee will choose which workshops and courses to offer.

Application Procedure

The applicant should present an application to the committee according to the following deadlines:     Dates for workshops will be specified in the RFP. The committee will consider applications based upon the policy included in the application packet.

Once a workshop is selected,

… the Executive Director will work with the Sub Committee to:

Point Person

Preparing for the Event

Executive Director and staff will:

 When cancellation of a workshop or course is due to low enrollment or when there is a change of instructor or venue, the PD Executive Sub Committee will be notified before the decision is made public.

The Executive Director will make emergency/weather cancellations.

Competitive Professional Development Benefit for Selected Members

When a Board approved opportunity is created for a limited number of members to receive professional development in a specific area, the following procedures will be followed.

The notification will include:

A waiting list of qualified members who submitted a form will be prepared in case anyone drops out and a replacement is needed.

A recommendation for appointment of participants will be presented to the Board for approval.

No more than one week following Board approval, all members who submitted a form will be notified of who the appointed participants are.