Grants Committee

November 12, 2014

Charge: Promote and administer initiative grants and scholarships to members.  Search out grants and coordinate the writing of proposals to benefit MassCUE.

Optimal number of members:


Define each annual grant

  • Write the purpose
  • name it
  • write the Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • create a scoring rubric
  • set the timeline
  • recommend the amount for each grant
  • recommend the number of grants to be awarded
  • create other documents required by the grant candidate

Communicate to the Board for approval

Communicate to the membership

  • web page announcement of grant and RFP to web master
  • Calendar
  • on Cue

Read and evaluate the proposals

  • chairperson creates a template to use with scoring rubric
  • chairperson forwards proposals to members
  • committee members evaluate and tally the scores
  • committee members send their tally sheets to chair
  • assessment timeline
  • 2 weeks to read, reflect and assess. Assessments due by Jan 15.
  • Tally
  • Committee discussion on proposals in question
  • Committee vote on proposals in question on Jan 25

Written report to the Board for a final vote of approval at the February meeting, or by an online vote of the Board prior to that meeting

Chairperson notifies the recipients

  • grant recipients and project summaries are posted on the web site
  • e-mail all who submitted proposals directing them to the web site

Facilitate awarding of the grant money

  • direct the bookkeeper and treasurer to issue the funds to the recipients
  • e-mail the recipients to inform them that the funds are being sent

Follow up with the grant recipients to ensure that they meet their obligations to MassCUE

  • summary of how things are going so far
  • status of the grant money
  • reminder of dissemination obligations

Contact Conference Committee regarding expected presentations

Contact the Communications Committee regarding articles for publication or web site postings

Remind recipients to send summaries for posting on the web site

Send summaries to the webmaster for posting

Sub Committees:

Initiative Grants Subcommittee:

Design and facilitation of grants for MassCUE members to encourage activities that will strongly support and demonstrate:

  • Integrated technology
  • Standards-based learning
  • Enhanced student achievement
  • Development of instructional technology competency
  • Dissemination of sustainable results back to MassCUE members and others.
  • Follow up of Grant recipient’s requirements as stated in grant

Grant Searching and Writing Subcommittee

  • Collaborate with a paid Grant point person who will be guided by the decisions of the committee and approval of the Board.
  • Committee decisions to pursue a grant with a written proposal must be approved by the Board




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