Communications Committee

January 2014


Charge: Manage and promote print and electronic communications.

Optimal number of members:



  • collaborates with the Chairperson and Executive Director regarding content and/or designs including new initiatives.

On Cue Managing Editor

  • plans, coordinates and delivers on Cue online three times a year (Fall) (September), Winter (January) and Spring (June)
  • reports to the Chairperson monthly on the status of on Cue publications


on Cue Assistant(s)

  • collaborates with the Managing Editor in fulfilling the duties listed above

on Cue Copy Editor

  • review blind submissions to be considered for publication for content and technical accuracy in a timely manner as the managing editor requests assistance

on Cue Feature Writer

  • Submit a topical piece on a theme that reflects their particular expertise (e.g. Technology Leadership, Network Management, Emerging Technologies, Technology Integration into Instruction, etc).

Monthly Newsletter Coordinator

  • Coordinate with Executive Director on the content for monthly membership online newsletter

 Social Networks Coordinator

  • Monitor and manage social networks approved by the Board
  • report to the Chairperson monthly the social networking activities

Social Networks Assistant(s)

  • collaborates with the Social Networks Coordinator in fulfilling the duties listed above


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