Awards and Recognition Committee

September 13, 2019

Charge:  Oversee awards and recognitions handed out by the Board.           

Optimal number of members: 2 or more 


  • Open nominations from members for awards. 
  • Review/update rubric.   
  • Assess and score accomplishments. 
  • Select date/place to read applications and choose recipients. 
  • Edit Administrator and Pathfinder Application 
  • Edit Administrator and Pathfinder Letter to Superintendent 
  • Edit Press Release Template 
  • Purchase Awards/ Prepare Certificates 


Annotated Timeline:  (date, action, responsibility) 


  • Post Administrator and Pathfinder application, rubric and criteria link on the MassCUE website  
  • Publish in newsletter 

June – July:                  

  • Application Submission Deadline  
  • Committee Reviews and scores applications and votes to determine the winner(s). 
  • Committee members who work with a nominee will abstain from scoring for that person. 
  • Committee members who nominated someone in a category will abstain from scoring all nominees in that category. 
  • Committee Prepares Communication to Board recommending recipients.  
  • Chair of Committee forwards recommended recipients to Board for approval.  
  • President notifies award winners who were approved by the Board. 
  • President notifies  recipient’s Superintendent of Award.  
  • The letter to the award winner and the Superintendent should include an invitation to the annual President’s Dinner which is held the evening prior to the Fall Conference. 


  • Review Committee Procedures for editing and send a communication to the BPP Chair for review.  BPP Chair makes the recommendation for approval. 
  • Purchase Awards and Certificates.             


  • The Awards are presented at the MassCUE Annual Fall Conference. 
  • Post recipients on website and in on Cue online just after Fall Conference. 
  • Send Press Releases to Executive Director for publication following the Fall Conference.  


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