Savvy Demers

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Savvy’s passion for edtech is homegrown. As a native Mainer, it was in middle school, where Savvy serendipitously was a part of the inaugural 1-2-1 education program. She’s been aspiring to merge education and technology ever since. In her graduate studies she worked to integrate EdTech apps into rural Maine science curricula. She traveled to โ€œthe big cityโ€ for a job as an outreach educator at the Museum of Science, Boston in 2013. As a science educator in the state of Massachusetts for the past nine years Savvy was an advocate for technology integration in the classroom, attending several MassCUE conferences and PDs. However, as she transitioned to a district serving low-income black and brown students, she observed the inequitable access to technology. For the past five years, she has been writing grants, learning, and advocating for equity in a variety of educational arenas, as a high school physics teacher at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. These experiences taught her that equity is essential to success in education.

As Executive Director of MassCUE Savvy is excited to bring her values, skills, and passions in collaboration with our members and partners on the journey towards “MassCUE for ALL!” An initiative to ensure all our students, educators, and schools have access to MassCUE’s incredible programming.

Savvy currently lives in Roxbury with her husband Alex and their two dogs Pythagoruff (Pi), and Schrodingrrr (Rho).

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