David Martinez

Born in Boston, David is the son of two Boricua parents: one an educator born in Puerto Rico and the other a police officer from the Villa Victoria in the South End. He is a BPS grad, educator, organizer, consultant and coach with over a decade of experience in the education sector.

He grew ever more aware as a young person the need for equitable education. Upon graduating with his bachelor’s degree from Gordon College, he went on to teach in Camden, New Jersey for five years as a Math and English as a Second Language instructor.

As an educator, David became intimately aware of inequalities within the education system. His students inspired him to learn more about the systems that created unnecessary roadblocks for his students. While teaching, he attended Temple University, where he received his M.Ed. in Urban Education with an Education Policy specialization.

He grew more and more interested in impacting education through addressing policy issues in his hometown, Boston. David worked over two years as Outreach Director and advocate before returning to schools; having spent the last two years as a school administrator in BPS. He truly believes in a cogenerative and community approach to positively impacting lasting change in the classroom and beyond.

David loves connecting people around the city. You can find David enjoying time with his partner, young child, and two dogs strolling throughout various walking trails/parks in New England. He also enjoys a good meal and is open to all kinds of food suggestions (and is known to have a few recommendations of his own).

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