Fall Conference STEM Playground


MassCUE’s  STEM Playground  offers conference participants hands on experiences  with technology for use in  an educational  setting. You will be able to discover  technologies and resources that support creativity and  innovation  and  many  amazing ways to integrate  technology.  There  will be a  variety  of  demonstrations, from  tried and true tools,  cool new apps, great websites, makerspace  activities, robots and more.    By  using a 1:1 setting you will be able to  see  colleagues successfully using great tools.  Teachers who may have been reluctant to use new technology in their classes will be  able to make that leap. Further, getting to try it out first hand will let people know that they don’t have to be “tech savvy” to try something new.





Sponsored by  Teq



EAST SIDE/RED LEVEL (East Side is same side as Entrance to Conference)
• Red Level is the floor above the Exhibit Hall
• NORTH/East: STEM Playground

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