Junior Exhibitors Pilot Program-New for Fall Conference 2017 

What is the Junior Exhibitors Pilot Program? 

This  new pilot will encourage high school students to be on the vendor floor  with designated exhibitors to answer questions about the various products that our exhibitors sell. This program will give students the opportunity to practice their communication and technical skills and give the participating company the opportunity to showcase their product through student emissaries.  

Who can participate? 

MassCUE Corporate Partners will be eligible this year to participate in the program for one day of the conference, either Wednesday or Thursday.  

How does it work? 

Interested MassCUE Corporate Partners will invite one school system to select an educator and up to four high school students (2  students in the morning from 9:30 to noon and 2 in the afternoon from 1 to 3:30 pm) to participate as Junior Exhibitors (JE).  

What is the cost? 

There will be no cost to Corporate Partners  for 2017 for the pilot program.  

What are the requirements? 

  1. The Corporate Partner will invite one school system of their choice to participate and provide training for up to 4 students as well as a shirt or some other identifying clothing for the company.   
  1. Student exhibitors must be in high school and accompanied by an educator from the school district who will attend for the day (at no cost) and supervise the students throughout the day.  
  1. Students must also have a signed photo release before participating. 
  1. Both participating Corporate Partner and Educator must fill out a short online survey to give feedback after the day of participation. 
  1. Deadlines:  September 15th for Corporate Partners to confirm participation in program and October 6, 2017 for Educator to submit names of Junior Exhibitors. 

Will lunch be provided?  What about transportation to and from Gillette? 

Lunch will be provided.  Students and the educator advisor will each lunch in at the CUEKids Showcase on the mezzanine level at noon.  (Morning JE’s will eat after their time at the booth area and afternoon JE’s before their booth rotation.)  Transporation will be provided by the school system or Corporate Partner.  

Who do Corporate Partners contact if interested to participating in this pilot program? 

Please email Executive Director Shelley Chamberlain at schamberlain@masscue.org by 9/15/17 if interested in participating in this pilot program. 


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