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MassCUE Bylaws 2017 [PDF] 06/01/16


MassCUE Board
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Conflict of Interest [PDF] 06/01/12
Record Retention [PDF] 09/27/13
Employee & Executive Board Member Protection
[PDF] 09/27/13
Board Member Code of Conduct [PDF] 04/8/16
Board Member Responsibilities [PDF] 05/6/16
General Administration
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Online Terms of Use: Privacy Policy [View] 07/01/2016


MassCUE Committees

You can also find our procedures on how to join a committee to contribute your expertise and support MassCUE.


Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Committee

The Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing MassCUE policies and recommend revisions
  • Record policies as the Board votes them
  • Prepare bylaw change proposals for presentation to the membership at the Annual Meeting prior to voting

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