I&A Update: Pilot Program for Data Security in Schools and Libraries

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August I&A Update:
$200 Million Pilot for Data Security in Schools and Libraries
Proposed by FCC Chair

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has formally announced a proposal that would create a $200 million, three-year pilot program to help pay for data and information security services in K–12 schools and libraries.

“With the growing number of sophisticated cyberattacks on schools and especially the rise in malicious ransomware attacks that harm our students, now is the time to take action,” Rosenworcel said in a statement released in July. “We’re proposing a significant investment of up to $200 million over three years to harden the cyber defenses and determine the most effective methods to protect our schools and libraries. Our pilot program will work in tandem with federal agency partners that have deep expertise in this area.”

“The need for advanced cybersecurity measures in K–12 schools is significant, and the costs for adequate protection continue to rise,” said Brian Stephens, director, stakeholder engagement, at Funds For Learning, told The Journal. Funds For Learning provides services and expertise to districts navigating the E-rate funding process. “Many of the comments submitted to the FCC in early 2023 cited examples of schools who had fallen victim to sophisticated attacks, and studies show that K–12 institutions are an increasingly popular target for cyber criminals.”

The pilot is a start in helping to support schools who have been impacted by a cyber attack manage the financial burden they will sustain.

Read more in this article from The Journal.

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