• Andrew Gentile

    May Featured Educator – Andrew Gentile

    Challenges can take on many forms, but who would ever have imagined the one we are all facing right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in drastic measures to socially isolate and take precautions to limit the spread of this dreaded virus. School closures are just one of the many casualties of this battle against […]

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  • Shelagh St. Laurent

    April Featured Educator – Shelagh St. Laurent

    A digital learning coach can take on many roles. While most support other teachers, others take on additional roles as mentors, teach their own classes, and develop innovative practices for all of the above. This new kind of teacher has taken hold in districts that seek professional development from within. In her role as the […]

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  • Reflections of the 2020 Spring Conference

    by Beth Haselton On March 6th, 2020, Holy Cross played host to the annual MassCUE & MASCD Spring Leadership Conference.  The sun was shining, the facility was perfect and it was a great day for learning, listening and sharing.  At the event I had the pleasure of working as MassCUE’s Social Media Ambassador. This was […]

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  • Spring Election 2020 – Congratulations

    Chris Gosselin Position: President-Elect, Partial term My name is Chris Gosselin, and I am the Digital Learning Coach at the Sanborn Elementary School in the Andover Public Schools. Over my most recent term as an elected MassCUE Board Member, I successfully led the re-alignment of the Development and Outreach Committee, introduced the exciting new MassCUE […]

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  • Abbey Dick

    Aspiration and Inspiration

    by Abbey Dick On March 6, I was lucky enough to serve as a Social Media Ambassador at the MassCUE and MASCD’s 2020 Spring Conference, focused on a personalized approach to school change. It was a great day of learning and collaboration at Holy Cross. Here’s my main takeaway: Massachusetts schools are the best in […]

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  • Zak Kolar

    Zak Kolar

    Instilling a keen interest in problem-solving and critical thinking is a goal we have for our students; but when we combine problem-solving with creativity, student learning can reach new heights. Zak Kolar, the Digital Learning Teacher at Waltham’s Plympton Elementary School, knows just how to make this happen. An avid coder since the age of […]

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    by Diane Horvath Five years into the development of Blake Middle School’s Blaker Makerspace, we are still evolving as #MIP Makers-In-Progress. The space is changing as we add materials and expand instruction, and the students and teachers continue to work toward a maker mindset.  It is amazing to consider that it all started by simply […]

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  • Jennifer Gordon

    Jennifer Gordon

    For the Love of Reading Instilling a love of reading is not always an easy job, but Jennifer Gordon seems to have cracked the code to make it happen. Her educational journey started 19 years ago when she accepted the role of librarian at the Benjamin Banneker Charter School in Cambridge.  Known for her enthusiasm […]

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  • SE EDCamp Attendees

    Pronouns: Be a Part of the Conversation

    Pronouns. That one word encompasses so much. We hear people introducing themselves using pronouns. Social media profiles and email signatures now include pronouns. They are used to identify gender. Students as young as elementary are sharing their choice of pronouns. However the conversation is absent from many professional development opportunities, and it is one topic […]

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  • Millbury PS Students using VR in the Classroom

    VR in the Classroom

    Virtual Reality is an incredible instructional tool that is making its way into classrooms across the world. After attending the MassCUE Fall Conference in 2018, I heard educators talk about their experience teaching with VR and my interest was sparked. For this reason, I chose to submit a grant proposal to MassCue for a virtual […]

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  • MassCUE Fall Conference: An Amazing Experience

    I had an amazing experience at my first-ever MassCUE Fall Conference! In fact, I loved it so much, that I know it will not be my last! As an instructional technology specialist, I truly could not decide how to narrow down which sessions to attend! My schedule was packed with sessions on screencasting, ruling my […]

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  • Shayna Garlisi

    It’s just one project after another, and in the case of Shayna Garlisi’s 2nd grade classroom this is good news. For the past three years, Shayna has found innovative and engaging ways to integrate technology for her young students. From producing their own weather reports to programming robots, these young innovators know no bounds in […]

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