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    Each month, MassCUE recognizes teachers who embrace innovative practices using technology in the classroom. With a focus on student outcomes, these teachers embody MassCUE’s  mission  to “Educate, Connect, Inspire”. This year, we have had no shortage of dedicated individuals who are making a difference every day in the lives of countless students. MassCUE is proud […]

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  • Attending the BLC in Boston… My First Conference

    The following article is reposted with permission by Joshua Ray Original post July 29, 2019 This July I was fortunate enough to have participated in the 2019 BLC (Building Learning Communities) education conference put on by Alan November himself.  Our team of five (4 teachers and our head of schools) flew to Boston and experienced the […]

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  • Kim Keith

    A Reflection on ISTE19

    As an ISTE affiliate, the MassCUE board members arrive a day early to meet with affiliates from all over the world.  This year the schedule included a round table and an Edcamp session both in the morning and afternoon. Some of the topics included Marketing, Strategies and Tools, Building Diversity & Access in Your Organization, […]

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  • EdCamp Cape Cod 2019 Success!

    On Monday, July 15, more than 30 educators gathered at Barnstable High School for EdCamp Cape Cod. Some came from as far away as Chicago!  EdCamp Cape Cod is in its 7th year, and we had many returning edcampers, as well as a good amount of first time edcampers! From the moment people showed up […]

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  • Apollo 11

    Apollo Remembered: STEM/STEAM Inspiration

    This is the year of several 50th Anniversaries of the Apollo Project Moon landing in 1969. This 1961-1972 adventure is remembered for its uniqueness in tackling one of the most courageous, challenging and forward-thinking initiatives in the 20th century – manned flights to the Moon, orbit, landing, re-docking, and safe return to the USA. It […]

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  • iPad Apps in the Elementary School Library: Learning about Coding with Awbie and Doink

    In the elementary school library, we focus heavily on promoting books and suggesting new books for students to read. Another more recent emphasis has been on teaching students how to code. The iPad allows students to focus on both reading and coding with fun, engaging and educational apps that also take student learning beyond the […]

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  • andover rrr student activity

    My Reading, Response and Reflection Cart

    Each year I try to use a little more technology in my classroom, but I try my hardest to make sure it is technology that will help my students, not just being used to use it. This year I had a crazy idea to let the students use the iPads to show their growth on […]

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  • Tips and Recommendations to Help Plan Your #ISTE19 Schedule – Sessions, Playgrounds, & Posters

    by Steve Wick, Original post May 27, 2019 Recharge Learning Reposted with permission Bold Educators Activate Change Philadelphia June 23 – 26, 2019#ISTE19 This post is my third connected to my ISTE 2019 Planning Experience. My first post was ISTE 2019 – 10 Conference Tips for the Engaged Educator and my second was The #ISTE19 Experience – Exploring […]

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  • When STEM Meets Creativity

    There are many ways to expand student learning using technology, but it can be taken to the next level when STEM meets creativity. Margo Bridges has found the formula to make this happen in her classroom. As a teacher of STEM for the past six years, Margo’s class has evolved as technology has changed. These […]

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  • The Digital Toolkit: Art for Today’s Market!

    New digital art assignments are in the works and my formerly traditional art room now has been upgraded to include the array of practical illustration, animation and graphic design lessons I need to prepare my class of burgeoning creative minds for in today’s globalized cloud driven art market. My shiny new classrooms set of Wacom […]

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  • Show & Tell in the 5th Grade

    Our project was named Show & Tell in the 5th Grade. Our plan was to have students record themselves solving math problems to post to a class website. We imagined a Khan Academy-like site for our students. We quickly learned that it was not as easy as it sounded. We ordered drawing tablets that were […]

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  • Grants

    Psst!! Top 3 Reasons Why You Want To Get To Know MassCUE Grants Committee

    As a member of MassCUE, you have full access to a multitude of amazing benefits and offerings put forth by the organization! The Grants Committee facilitates funding opportunities for members to connect, inspire and educate in a variety of ways.  Lifelong learning, leading up and bringing innovation to classrooms is the name of the game! […]

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