MassCUE 2022 Virtual Conference FSU Credit Option

MassCUE 2022 Virtual Conference

Framingham State University

Framingham State University Credit Option
for the MassCUE/M.A.S.S. Virtual Conference

Educators who attend the February Virtual Conference have the option to apply for one graduate credit from Framingham State University at an additional cost of $179.

Registration for FSU credit Now Open

Listed below are the details:

  • Timeline: Virtual Sessions viewed by March 7, 2022 (after February 12th all educational sessions will be available on-demand) and work completed by March 28, 2022.
  • Attendees interested in obtaining one (1) graduate credit will need to complete the following:
    • Attending 12 hours of live or on-demand sessions of the MassCUE Virtual Conference by March 12, 2022.
    • Submitting the final project to FSU by March 21, 2022. Grading is Pass/Fail
    • Final project consists of the following 3 sections:
      • Sessions Attended: Detailed list of all sessions that includes name of session, date and time, presenter, and 2-3 sentences with your review of the sessions (what you learned). Note that sessions can include sessions by educators and exhibitors. It can also include 1:1 online meetings with exhibitors.
      • Reflection:  Write a reflection (approximately 500 to 750 words) about your experience at the conference that includes: What you learned and any new insights you gained to inform your work in your classroom, school or district.
      • Action Plan: How you plan to implement what you learned into your teaching or administrative position in your school or district.


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