MassCUE Spring Elections — Nominations are now open until March 31, 2021.

MassCUE Spring Elections — Nominations are now open until midnight on March 31, 2021.

This spring, we will appoint up to seven members to the MassCUE Board of Directors. Any MassCUE community member who meets the eligibility requirements and is interested in serving on the Board is encouraged to nominate him/her/themself or another eligible person. The MassCUE Board of Directors is specifically seeking to center the voices of nominees from historically marginalized communities.

Additionally, we will elect a Treasurer and Secretary who will serve two-year terms as well as a President-elect who will serve a four-year term (transitioning to President for the final two years).

The MassCUE Elections Committee oversees the entire election process, including nominations, vetting nominees, running the election and reporting results. The MassCUE Elections Committee develops and presents a slate of candidates to be voted on by the elected members of the Board for appointment.

For more information, visit the Elections Committee page.


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