What Was Obvious to Me Was Amazing to Others

by Rayna Freedman

I am exhausted. There I said it. I am sure I am not alone in this feeling. I remember sitting down to write my RFPs for the Annual Masscue Fall Conference the day the session proposal link came out because I knew I would never get to them otherwise. Struggling with what to submit, everything I thought about did not seem innovative enough for what promises to be the best MassCUE Conference ever. I lacked energy and drive. I remember thinking how one of my RFPs got rejected last year and began second-guessing myself.

Then I took a deep breath and thought about the growth of my students and my own pedagogy. I began talking to others about some of the things I had been doing in my classroom. My colleagues were so impressed with one of my ideas that they encouraged me to submit a session proposal for MassCUE. I honestly thought it was bland, but was assured that it would help so many to make a difference in their students’ learning. I reflected on this video from some time ago when I realized what seemed so obvious to me was amazing to others.

Now that MassCUE has extended their session proposal deadline to May 7, why not consider sharing your story with others? For the past eight months, regardless of your job title, you have worked tirelessly for your districts. You have made a difference in the life of a child! If you are anything like me, then you have helped colleagues and students, took risks with your practice, and overcame obstacles to transform student learning. It is those moments that make an RFP great! Remember that as mundane as your ideas may seem to you, they may just be amazing to someone else!

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