New Planning Program Offered by MassCUE and Sun Associates

New Planning Program Offered by MassCUE and Sun Associates

Leveraging Education Technologies for the New School Year is a 5-session facilitated workshop series – with associated consulting time – that will bring together a team of planners from each participating district to begin to chart out some of the key issues and processes that lie on the road ahead to the Fall and beyond.

The objective of this work will be for each district to engage in thinking about how their district will strategically respond to demands – some new and some historic and ongoing – that their district faces moving into the 2021/2022 school year. During this work, district teams will be encouraged to share their experiences and work with the other Massachusetts school districts that participate in this program. This sharing will help districts learn from others’ experiences both over the past year, and now as the work toward full reopening is occurring. The end product of each district team’s work will be its own roadmap that can help guide strategic planning and decision-making for reopening and reformation.

The five online meetings (sessions) for this program will occur via remote learning technology with combination of full-group and breakout/team-only meeting time. Consulting time (12 hours per team) will be scheduled with each individual team and can occur in the days in-between online sessions or after the program (through July, 2021).

Program sessions are set to start on 5/12/21 and will complete on 6/23/21. Topics and dates are:

5/12 — Building a district and community environment conducive to effective strategic planning (4pm – 6pm)

5/26 — Consolidating progress on using digital technologies to support personalized and student-centered learning (4pm – 5:30pm)

6/2 — Creating and maintaining an appropriate focus on social and emotional learning for all students, in-person and remote (4pm – 5:30pm)

6/16 — Effective and meaningful data gathering from students, parents and teachers (4pm – 5:30pm)

6/23 — Formatively evaluating the impact of digital learning plans, innovations, and practices (4pm – 6pm)

Teams should be composed a minimum of 4 team members selected from the following roles:

· Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent

· Curriculum and Instruction Director or Curriculum Leader

· Technology Director

· Student Services Director

· School Committee Member/Parent Liaison

· Classroom Teachers (representative of primary and/or secondary levels)


$3000 for teams up to 6 individuals. This fee covers all online sessions as well as 12 hours of individual consulting time for each team.

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