Present at the MassCUE Spring Conference

MassCUE Spring Conference 2024

Present at the MassCUE Spring Conference

MassCUE invites you to be a part of our Spring Conference lineup! We are now accepting proposals from educators interested in presenting at this event, which will be held at Polar Park in Worcester, May 31-June 1, 2024. Consistent with MassCUE’s equity campaign: MassCUE4All, the theme for the conference is Leveling the Playing Field.

Educators can submit a proposal to present an EdTalk at the conference, which is a traditional session that emulates a learning experience, or present as part of the Innovation Fair, which is the interactive spaces component of the conference.

Proposals must align with one of the five strands of the conference:

  • AI: A Force for Positive Change: How can AI technologies be used to create a more equitable, inclusive, and humane educational landscape?
  • Inclusive Tools for Diverse Learners: How can tools, policies, and/or strategies promote inclusive learning environments for diverse learners?
  • Tech-Enhanced Individualized Instruction: How can technology shape individualized instruction?
  • Digital Equity & Harm Prevention: How can digital equity prevent harm in schools? DESE defines digital equity as “a framework that calls on educators and leaders to ensure that all students have access to and ownership of the tools that best support them to engage with learning experiences that are targeted, authentic, relevant, socially connected, and growth-oriented (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2022).”
  • Ethical & Empathetic Online Conduct: How can students access opportunities to practice ethical and empathetic behavior online?

The Request for Proposals (RFP) period will end February 25, 2024.



To learn more about the MassCUE Spring Conference, please visit the Spring Conference event page.

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