Meet Our New Board Members, 2013

MassCUE is very fortunate to have a dedicated and accomplished Board of Directors, each of whom donates many hours to ensure that MassCUE continues to flourish!  It is our pleasure to welcome three new board members:  Wendy Espinoza Cotta, Rayna Freedman and Alan Graham.


Wendy is the Director of Technology Integration at Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA. She has been in education for over 16 years — 10 years in public schools and the last six years in private schools.  She is passionate about empowering teachers to have an active role in redefining innovative, student-centered teaching practices, as well as supporting new models of blended learning and online community-building.

Wendy is volunteering to serve on the Board because she believes that having public and private educational “voices” sharing their perspectives is a way to move the dial forward in education. She will be working on the Grants Committee.  Wendy has a ten-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son, and in her limited spare time she likes to read, run, and travel.


Rayna is a life-long learner. She knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age, so when she stepped foot on the campus of the University of Vermont in 1996 she realized that she was about to begin her life long journey of bringing the love of learning and curiosity to others. She has been teaching in the Mansfield School District for 14 years, with 11 of those years in the third grade, and two wonderful years in the fourth grade. This fall she made the leap to fifth grade.

Rayna is driven to keep up with the trends in the field whether it is 21st century learning, STEAM, or project-based learning. She believes it is imperative to meet the needs of all individuals in her classroom and sets the bar high! For the past three years she has been presenting at the MassCUE conference, and this past year volunteered on the Development and Outreach Committee. Her experiences within MassCUE have led her to seek a leadership role in order to be part of the decision-making process and work towards building upon what MassCUE has already established. Since joining the board she joined the Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures Committee as well as continuing to work with the team on the Development and Outreach Committee.

Much of her free time is spent creating lessons out of the box for her secret agents (her students are agents in training for the student sector of the FBI), flying to Florida, or reading.  She also loves visiting with her niece and nephew and showing them the wonders of the world.


Alan is the Director of Technology for the Framingham Public Schools. He has been in education for the past seven years, but spent more than 25 years before that working in technology in private industry.  He has a great deal of passion regarding how technology can assist our children to achieve higher goals.

He wanted to serve on the Board of Directors because he believes he can provide assistance to MassCUE by working on the Finance Committee.  He is interested in helping the Vendor Committee, as well.

Between work and enjoying his two teenage sons he keeps very busy!



Shelley Chamberlain
Executive Director
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