#Mathwithtech: Two Forces Unite in One Workshop

Onsite Workshop - #mathwithtech

For those teaching middle or high school mathematics in our digital world, the workshop “Best Practices: #MathwithTech” may offer some key strategies. This full day workshop, taught by instructors Craig Sheil and Stefan Fritz, is designed to help participants consider best practices when mixing math and technology. The duo will walk through a series of math activities and challenges from content areas ranging from algebra and geometry to data collection. Participants will work together to complete tasks just as their students would in the classroom. Then, the presenters will demonstrate how the activity was created from start to finish. Some featured tools will be highlighted: 

  • G-Suite tools – slides, forms, classroom
  • Desmos – online graphing calculator and investigation tool 
  • EquatIO – tool that helps make math digital 
  • Flipgrid – video platform 

Unite with other educators in this unique experience – Best Practices: #Mathwithtech

Register Now for this one-day workshop at EdCo (3/21/19) from 8:30-2:30 with instructors Craig Sheil and Stefan Fritz.

Note:  Registration closes 3.14.19

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