MassCUE Looking Forward

Just as technology evolves, our organization needs to keep pace. The mission of MassCUE, an organization of technology-using educators, is to create, share, and support visions of teaching and learning that focus on uses of technology that enhance the educational environment.  For more than 30 years, MassCUE members have been meeting and sharing knowledge with one goal:  integrate technology into the classroom to improve learning for our students.  As we look to the future, our mission remains constant.

On July 15 and 16, the Board of Directors met to develop a new Strategic Plan. We discussed the organization’s strengths, problems, opportunities, and threats.  We identified the following core values and goals:
  • MassCUE is known as an organization that informs its stakeholders and members with clarity, timeliness, and relevance.  Goal: Improve marketing and communication.
  • MassCUE is an organization that provides a variety of high quality, value-added services and programs.  Goal: Increase and diversify programs and services.
  • MassCUE is an organization for others to partner and collaborate with when they are seeking vision, creativity, and high-quality services for the field of educational technology. Goal: Increase mutually beneficial partnerships with intention.
  • MassCUE is an effective and efficient organization. Goal: Improve operations and governance of MassCUE.
As we begin the new school year, the Board of Directors will use this Strategic  Plan to guide our work and ensure that MassCUE continues to be the premiere instructional technology leadership organization in the state of Massachusetts.
We know that our members are our most important asset and hope that you will share your thoughts and ideas about how we can support the work you do with students and teachers. To that end, we will have a “Meet the Board” event each day of our fall conference. Please join us and share your thoughts.
We look forward to an exciting year!

About the Author:

Wendy Haskell is the Director of Technology and Libraries for the Falmouth Public Schools. She is currently the Vice-President/President-Elect for MassCUE.

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