Making Connections

A month or so ago, I attended a Common Core conference at UMass Boston, and if you remember correctly, I said there was so much about that day that would inspire future newsletters… Here’s one, now!

One of the topics discussed was the necessity for adults to have a strong understanding of social media.  Though technology skills do not come easily to some parents and educators, it is essential for us to learn more than our children already know.  We need to proactively lead our children through this online journey, instead of re-actively chasing them down the road. Whether we plan to allow our children to use social media or not, it is critical for adults to be aware of what is out there.

The good news as third grade parents? You have time to learn before your children are old enough to learn.  You can be one step ahead!  Please do not wait until they hit middle school…  Far too many children are already on social media at that point, and oftentimes their participation is not moderated by adults.  Our children deserve our awareness, support and assistance.  As the parent of two teenagers, I can say this with confidence: They need guidance! Be vigilant!! Even the most responsible children need help processing the vast amount of information, the countless choices and the permanency of the Internet.

I’m currently working with a fabulous group of teachers and have given them a Social Media Challenge. The better versed we are in using our networks for learning, the better we can help our students see those same learning opportunities online. We’re helping to cultivate future Digital Citizens!


Originally posted to Suzy Brook’s, blog.

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