The Digital Toolkit: Art for Today’s Market!

Students work with Wacom tablets
New digital art assignments are in the works and my
formerly traditional art room now has been upgraded to include the array of practical illustration, animation and graphic design lessons I need to prepare my class of burgeoning creative minds for in today’s globalized cloud driven art market. My shiny new classrooms set of Wacom Tablets have created a contagious glow of technological enthusiasm that has already spread beyond my room. The abutting digital photography teacher is becoming aware that she can utilize these fabulous auxiliary devices with her assignments in Adobe LightRoom.  

Student engagement was immediate. Day one, a junior instantaneously realized what this drawing tablet meant for preparing his portfolio for college submissions in the fall. Within the week, he had his entire portfolio in the classroom and he had photographed his oversized flat pieces, and I was happily inundated with inquires about files size, color correction and the more granular nuances of the crop and guidelines. All my years of working in design have paid off! These are the question I can answer with ease!

Art with Wacom tabletStudents have been imploring me for more electives and assignments in the realm of digital art and we can now provide these options with the tools specifically designed for line quality and pressure sensitivity on the digital platform needed to get outstanding results. Our new Wacom tablets are not only dependable, but they work with both Mac and PC devices and will be used for years to come. These tablets are going to broaden the students accessibility to our current Adobe Cloud subscription and familiarize students with the tools of current working digital artists! What else could I ask for?

In addition to some scheduling luck and our lovely Local Cultural Council, Silver Lake can proudly say we have an upcoming special guest, someone who is ideal to showcase a unique prowess with coloring mastery on Wacom equipment and can discuss careers in the current field of digital art. Braden Lamb is an internationally known, Eisner Award winner, who has worked in comics on Adventure Time, Midas Flesh, Sisters, and Ice Age properties throughout his career. Digital artists, like Braden, use Wacom tablets day in and day out and he can show us what that is like first hand.

Rachel Maguire is an hybrid teacher / illustrator who originally hails from the South Shore. She has designed characters, props and backgrounds for PBS programming “WordGirl” and “SciGirls”. She is a long time faculty member at the Eliot School, where she teaches comic classes to kids throughout the Boston area and illustrated Galactic Hot Dogs, published by Simon & Schuster. She currently has the best job in the world teaching ceramics and studio art at Silver Lake Regional High School and can be found organizing workshops for the Boston Kids Comic Fest.

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