Magnificent Middle School Minds SIG

The MassCUE Magnificent Middle School Minds SIG has a set purpose and mission to inform and allow collaboration with primarily, but not solely, all middle school professional staff. Discussions will center around the “library as a resource” for students and staff and the multiple ways this can happen.. Ideas for collaboration, programming, course offerings, and guest speakers are gladly accepted. These meetings are driven by you; your questions/needs will shape what is discussed.

SIG Leader

  • Elena Schuck

SIG Contact

Meeting Location

  • Online (Monthly)

About MassCUE Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

MassCUE Special Interest Groups (SIGs) represent a growing network of connected educators, serving every grade level and subject area. Our objective is to transform education by sharing, collaborating and providing professional growth opportunities that affect best practices.

We encourage new SIGs to consider focusing on using 21st Century tools to promote critical thinking and globalization. No matter the type of SIG, the focus should be to develop pedagogy that integrates technology, improving teaching and learning. MassCUE SIGs provide the opportunity for educators to achieve this goal throughout our organization and state.

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