Blended and Personalized Learning Conference-April 5-7, 2018

The Hylander Institute will be hosting the  Blended and Personalized Learning Conference from April 5-7, 2018. You are invited not just to attend, but to be an active participant in a range of sessions featuring useful and engaging opportunities for learning. Convene and connect with a variety of educators with a range of experience — from beginners, just dipping their toes into the vast world of Blended and Personalized best practices to experienced, advanced practitioners.
In addition to hands-on, interactive sessions, we will feature a Learn-It Lounge, where you can get 1-1 help with that new app you’ve been wanting to try, the EdUnderground Playground, where you can learn from students to in a Maker Faire setting,  and the Practice Playground, where you can get scaffolded support in implementing important pedagogical approaches to Blended and Personalized Learning in your classroom!
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