About Our Website Redesign, MassCUE.org 2016

MassCUE.org – A Strategic Effort

MassCUE is proud to introduce to you our new website along with all the hard work done to make this a reality. You might be asking why/how this website redesign effort developed.

Two years ago the MassCUE Board began its strategic planning effort by taking a comprehensive look at our current organization and revisiting our mission and goal. To kick off the effort, in April 2015 we convened a Rebranding Task Force of board and MassCUE members. The Task Force, facilitated by Brian Lewis, CEO of the International Society of Technology Education (ISTE), developed a new vision and mission.

This Task Force work paved the way for the MassCUE Rebranding Subcommittee to accomplish its charge: to modernize and create an identity system that included a new brand mark, tagline and other digital assets.

As part of the rebranding effort, the MassCUE Rebranding Subcommittee initiated a search for a marketing professional/firm to help MassCUE roll out a new identity system, develop a marketing execution strategy, and present a more active presence on its social media channels.

Our new website is a key component for honoring and carrying forward our rebranding work. A smaller Web Task Force was formed in March 2016 to modernize the MassCUE website as well as streamline and optimize the Web content to perform well for users and search engine results. In order to achieve this goal MassCUE selected a digital marketing firm, Viaspire, to partner with us in the designing, developing, and maintaining of our new website.

With the launch of this new website, MassCUE is proud to introduce the great work done by the MassCUE board, related committee volunteers, and our implementation partner, Viaspire, who synthesized all of the contributions and brought the MassCUE vision to fruition – via web, mobile and social.


Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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Shelley Chamberlain
Executive Director

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