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    Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, EdCamp Style Works For All!

    Reflections of #EdCampSEMass by Rayna Freedman, Jacqueline Prester, Karen Winsper and Kim Zajac #EdCampSEMass opened its doors once again to host its 3rd annual event on Saturday, December 1, 2018.  We welcomed sixty-seven attendees from forty-four different districts and/or companies to join a day of collaborative learning and professional development and personal recharging! The session board […]

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  • Edcamp:  Voice and Choice in Professional Learning 

    We often speak about providing students with voice and choice in their learning.  But what about the adults? Edcamp is an “unconference” designed specifically for educators.  A national phenomenon, educators flock to Edcamps seeking an organic, participant driven learning experience.     On a cold Saturday morning in February, 61 educators gathered in Franklin for the second Edcamp MALeads, sponsored by the MSAA Elementary Committee.  […]

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  • EdCampSEMass17

    by Destiny, Student Panel Member, #EdCampSEMass In early December 2017, the second annual EdCampSEMass was held at Norton Middle School in Norton, MA. Once again, MassCUE sponsored the day where over 40 districts from across the region were represented by dedicated educators willing to give up their Saturday to enhance their professional learning. In addition […]

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  • EdCamp SEMass

    Experiencing EdCamp SEMass Imagine watching a Snapchat story from an educator at #EdCampSEMass. Snaps from over 30 school districts of educators in attendance left inspired to try something new or explore concepts further.  Your screen fills with several laughing educators who you quickly realize are a principal, school committee member, and teacher. There is a […]

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  • Edcamp Northshore opening session

    Tips Plan and Host your First Edcamp

    Gear Up to Host your First EdCamp With a bit of planning, hosting your first Edcamp can lead to an energizing day filled with meaningful learning for your fellow educators. I was part of a team that ran our first-ever Edcamp North Shore in Lynnfield Public Schools and wanted to share some of the steps […]

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  • EdCamp MSLA 2016

    Thank you to MassCUE’s generous support of EdcampMSLA, we had a great day of learning, sharing, and networking in Hadley, MA. Some of the topics included ELLs in the library, digital storytelling, ebooks, project-based learning, and social emotional learning. There were meaningful conversations, fun prizes, and a delicious lunch (thanks again, MassCUE!) Everyone walked away […]

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  • EdCamp Cape Cod IV Recap

    EdCamp Cape Cod IV took place on Monday, August 1, 2016, at Mashpee High School. Over 100 educators came together to learn, share and collaborate around many educational topics. Some of this year’s topics were Project based learning, Virtual Reality in the Classroom, Empathy in the Classroom and many more! The sessions from the day and […]

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  • 2015 Edcamp Boston

    It’s mostly true that Educational Technology Conferences and Workshops are very exciting, both the lead-up hype and the actual day’s events. What is even truer, though, is that the people who attend Educational Technology conferences are generally fun, energetic, creative, and hard-working educators. Enter Edcamp. With Edcamp, these fun, energetic, creative, and hard-working people have […]

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  • Mashpee Summer Googlepalooza 2019

    #MassCUEGP19 MassCUE’s Googlepalooza event is a full day of G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) hands-on workshops taught by experienced Google Certified Trainers and Educators to promote better learning in the classroom. Participants will have a choice between presentations at varied ability levels – all covering a wide variety of G Suite […]

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  • Making A Difference through Collaboration

    “All of us are smarter than any one of us.” These words by Ken Blanchard repeatedly resonate for anyone acquainted with Chris Parker. As the Technology Coordinator for Gateway Regional District in Huntington, Massachusetts, Chris is a model collaborator in his quest to improve education through involvement in his own community as well as outreach […]

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  • Lee Tighe

    For the Love of Learning “From the moment I saw my daughters’ faces light up when they ‘got it,’ I knew that providing children with access to knowledge was my passion.” These are the words of December’s Featured Educator, Lee Tighe. After raising her children and working outside of education for many years, Lee found […]

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  • BLC Conference Attendees

    BLC Conference Experience, Part 4

    November Learning’s Building Learning Communities Conference was abuzz with education’s greatest challenge: the need to shift its course to meet the needs of an innovation driven society instead of the agrarian era on which the system was built. The focus of the conference was our collective goal of bringing educational practice forward, not on tools, […]

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