Keynote Speaker Tara Martin

Keynote Address: Be REAL: Educate From the Heart
Wednesday, October 23rd at 8:30 a.m.

This invigorating message interweaves Tara’s overcoming experiences from an “at-risk” student to a thriving educator who has successfully served in many roles including a classroom teacher, coach, administrator, author, and inspirational speaker. She shares how we must embrace the hand of life dealt us to fulfill our purpose and inspire those we serve to do the same. Through stories, humor, science, and practical application, she empowers educators and students to stay true to their unique strengths, talents, and life experiences–to Be REAL.

Tara Martin is an enthusiastic educator, speaker, and author who thrives on change and refuses to settle for the status quo. She has served as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach for several years, and most recently as a district administrator.
As the founder of #BookSnaps, the latest reading comprehension strategy currently implemented in seventeen countries, she is always seeking unique ways to make learning fun, relevant and meaningful.
Tara is the author of the inspirational book, Be REAL: Educate from the Heart. She firmly believes machines and artificial intelligence will never replicate an individual’s REAL identity–the unique strengths, talents and life experiences of every human. Tara’s ambition is to lead a culture of innovative change, keep social emotional learning at the heart of our work, and motivate others to become the best they can be, all while staying REAL and yet never reaching a plateau.




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