The Student Showcase offers new ideas for integrating technology into the curriculum and how it serves to heighten student engagement. Students teach others how to do projects that emphasize learning through technology. Examples of this student showcase include student demonstrations of their work in the areas of:

Using comprehension skills and strategies in meaningful ways through the creation of booksnaps

Integrating STEAM concepts through a drone program

Exploring design thinking though the creation of AR and VR models

Showcasing a partnership with a local trails committee to problem solve for a local ecosystem

Building communication skills to create morning announcements for a school

Utilizing 3D printing for a service learning project

Developing a maker mindset with recyclables and coding

Sharing ways to enhance student voice to a global community

Researching with robotics to better understand immigration

Students also demonstrate their engagement in real world problem solving through global collaborative projects. Examples of this student showcase include:

The role of student interest in civic engagement and social justice topics

The role of student voice in global learning

Fostering of leadership skills through global service learning

Student growth through international travel and exchange programs

Concrete examples of student-led projects

Overviews of tech tool(s), program(s) or organization(s) that support student involvement in global issues through technology

Model projects, programs, and organizations that directly involve students

Tips, tools, and resources focusing on student involvement in global opportunities

Diverse cultural perspectives developed through exchange and travel programs and/or global projects (ex. Videoconferencing with a school in the Middle East through “Global Nomads” program)




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