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Next Level Google Classroom

Course Description: 

Bring your Google Classroom usage to the next level.  This four-week, online workshop will showcase the layout and functionality features of G Classroom, along with intermediate applications that will add depth to your students’ experience.  We will approach the learning platform from both the teacher and student perspectives to allow you to gain an understanding of the “whole user” experience.  The course will be asynchronous in nature (educators will be able to work at their own pace) with the exception of 1 live weekly Q&A/check-in per module. 

Weekly Outline:  

Online Session 1: Getting Started  

  • Course overview and introductions 
  • WHY Google ClassroomBasic Classroom Feature and Function Review 
  • Personalizing Your PD: Goal Setting to Maximize Your Learning 

Online Session 2:  Posting and Sharing Out Content 

  • Making Sense of Classwork Features: Drive, Templates, Links, and Video 
  • Effectively Packaging your Digital Assignments 
  • Using Google Tools for LD and ELL Students 

Online Session 3:  Google Classroom Power User Tips 

  • Best Practices for Google Classroom (Archiving features, numbering assignments)  
  • Chrome Extensions to Enhance Productivity and Student Experiences 
  • Compatible Non-Google Tools for Classroom Integration 

Online Session 4: Grading and Assessment in Google Classroom  

  • Feedback and Assessment 
  • Grading Settings 
  • Self- grading Quizzes 
  • Formative and Summative Assessments in Classroom 
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