Google Tools for Effective Instruction for Students with Disabilities and Diverse Learning Styles

This workshop directly fulfills the current DESE Individual Professional Development plan requirement of 15 PDPs in the area of training related to strategies for effective schools for students with disabilities and instruction of students with diverse learning styles.  Each session will include a short reading, collaborative discussion and an exploration of two or more Google Tools.  Also, as part of each session, participants will be asked to contribute to a comprehensive and collaborative collection of lesson plans and ideas that will be shared amongst the group.  The goal is to create a resource to be used by all – both within the course and beyond.

Session 1:  Google Tools for Executive Functioning

Learn how to use Google Tools within Drive and Docs to aid students with tasks that require planning, organization, memory and time management.

Session 2:  Google Tools for Differentiated Instruction

Learn how to use Google Tools to create lesson plans that differentiate learning to encompass a variety of different learning styles and academic levels.

Session 3:  Google Tools for Multiple Intelligences

Explore the multiple intelligences and learn how to use Google Tools such as Google Slides to diversify your teaching to encompass them.

Session 4:  Google Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities

Use Google Tools to create an effective learning environment for students with learning disabilities. Explore a variety of Google Add-ons that can be used in conjunction with Docs, Sheets and forms to help students excel in their learning environment.

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