Student Voice Village Fall Conference 2023

Welcome to Student Voice Village, the place where students will be empowered to engage with MassCUE attendees in a variety of ways.

The student experience is a new addition to the MassCUE fall conference!

Attendees can visit Student Panel Park, listening to students in a panel style setting share learning experiences and innovative projects they have participated in. You will be able to travel down the Student Showcase Avenue, which provides attendees an opportunity to ask more direct questions and have conversations about student work! Ideas educators get from the student showcase can be implemented the next day!

You will leave the Student Voice Village feeling inspired to support your own students and build a love of learning and community back in your school.



Sponsored by ProAV Systems


For the latest sessions being offered in Student Voice Village, check out the Full Event Schedule page, scroll down to “Filter by Track” in the right column, uncheck “Filter by Track” by clicking on the blue checkbox and then click on the checkbox for Student Voice Village.  All the offered sessions and student panels will populate the page.


EAST SIDE/BLUE LEVEL (East Side is same side as Entrance to Conference)
• Blue Level is the floor above Red Level (2 floors above Exhibit Hall)
• SOUTH/East: Student Voice Village

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