Educator Showcase at MassCUE Fall Conference


Welcome to Educator Showcase, the place where you can get ideas and inspiration from your fellow educators.

Looking for new ways to engage students with lessons and projects? Get ideas and inspiration from your fellow educators at the Educator Showcase. In this interactive space, you’ll have the opportunity to meet educators from around New England, with expertise in a variety of subject areas, who will be sharing projects and lessons that have worked for them. This is a great opportunity to get new ideas and have one-on-one discussions with colleagues about how to improve student engagement and keep things fresh in the classroom.




Sponsored by Discovery Education



For the latest sessions being offered in Educator Showcase, check out the Full Event Schedule page, scroll down to “Filter by Track” in the right column, uncheck “Filter by Track” by clicking on the blue checkbox and then click on the checkbox for Educator Showcase.  All the offered sessions will populate the page.


EAST SIDE/RED LEVEL (East Side is same side as Entrance to Conference)
• Red Level is the floor above the Exhibit Hall
• SOUTH/East: Educator Showcase

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