Creativity Cafe at MassCUE Fall Conference



Welcome to Creativity Cafe, the place where you will discover fresh ideas to support, teach and learn with students.

Educators are always looking for cutting-edge ways to be more creative in the classroom! If you love discovering fresh ideas to support, teach and learn with students, then the Creativity Café is the place for you. In this interactive space, presenters will showcase their work in tabletop presentations and demonstrations. It’s a great opportunity for educators to engage in discussions, build on ideas and leave with takeaways that will inspire curiosity and innovation.



Sponsored by SMART


For the latest sessions being offered in Creativity Cafe, check out the Full Event Schedule page, scroll down to “Filter by Track” in the right column, uncheck “Filter by Track” by clicking on the blue checkbox and then click on the checkbox for Creativity Cafe.  All the offered sessions will populate the page.


EAST SIDE/RED LEVEL (East Side is same side as Entrance to Conference)
• Red Level is the floor above the Exhibit Hall
• NORTH/East: Creativity Cafe

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