Tech Tools that can Transform your Classroom and Student Engagement


This fast-paced session will bypass how-tos (though they’ll be in the resources) to show you powerful uses of 6 amazing tech tools. Tools covered will include Google Slides, Google Jamboard, Wakelet, Flipgrid, Adobe Spark, & Canva. Come get that 6-pack you’ve always wanted without even 1 trip to the gym (admit it, you were thinking of a different 6-pack :-)! 


Course Details

Audience All Educators
Level All Levels
Instructor Patrick Hausammann

July 11, 2022 through August 5, 2022

Asynchronous work with one live meeting per week on Thursday evenings.


Live Virtual Meetings

July 14, July 21, July 28, August 4: Live Virtual Meetings 6:00pm-7:00pm

Earn 12 PDPs  
Location Virtual
MassCUE Member Cost $150
Non-Member Cost $190
Limit 25 Participants
Prerequisites Google Account and accounts for other tools if possible, but will be part of class as well.
Graduate Credit N/A


Patrick Hausammann

Patrick Hausammann Patrick Hausammann is a perpetual optimist and believer in the power of a #growthmindset to #failforward en route to creativity and innovation. He is the founder of (a nonprofit to help schools with PD), co-founder of #EdcampNSV and is also a Google Certified Innovator, Trainer and Educator I & II as well as an ambassador for Flipgrid, Insert Learning, Wakelet, WeVideo, Common Sense Education, and more!  

He currently works as a coach and supervisor of instructional technology for Clarke County Public Schools with first-hand experience with edtech for PD, co-teaching, and student instruction. Patrick has presented at VSTE, FETC, and ISTE in addition to local, state, and global events. Come learn with him at and @PHausEDU on Twitter. 

Course Outline

Each week is approximately 3 hours of coursework completion

Session 1- Going Deeper with Slides and Jamboard

In this session, we will take time to look at unique uses of Slides and Jamboard to get students creating and not doing the same thing each time they see them. 

Session 2- Flipgrid and Wakelet

In this session, we will learn about both Flipgrid and Wakelet from the basics to higher end/creative uses. We’ll also learn about their connection and resources to dive deeper! 

Session 3- Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

In this session, we will learn all about the many components that make up Adobe CCE and how to use it with students. We’ll also explore resources to implement lessons and projects right away! 

Session 4- Canva

In our final session of this workshop, time will be devoted to learning about Canva and its many tools/uses. We will also look at how to get free educator, district, or school premium accounts and resources to jump into the deep end of Canva creation! 

DESE Standards

This‌ ‌course‌ ‌supports‌ ‌the‌ ‌following‌ ‌DESE ‌standards:

Digital Tools and Collaboration (DTC) 

Digital tools are applications that produce, manipulate, or store data in a digital format (e.g., word processors, drawing programs, image/video/music editors, simulators, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications, publishing programs). Digital tools are critical for conducting research, communicating, collaborating and creating in social, work, and personal environments. The use of digital tools is integral to success in school and career. 

  • Digital Tools: Digital tools are used to create, manipulate, analyze, edit, publish, or develop artifacts. Individuals and groups identify, evaluate, select, and adapt new tools as they emerge. 
  • Collaboration and Communication: A variety of digital tools are used to work collaboratively anytime and anywhere, inside and outside the classroom, both synchronously and asynchronously, to develop artifacts or solve problems, contribute to the learning of others, and communicate. 
  • Research: A variety of digital tools are used to conduct research, answer questions, and develop artifacts to facilitate learning and convey understanding. Access to the Internet and digital tools allows people to gather, evaluate (for validity, bias, relevance, accuracy, etc.), organize, analyze, and synthesize information, data and other media from a variety of sources. Effective use of information, data, and media requires consideration of validity, ethics, and attribution of sources.

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A 6-pack of Tools that can Transform your Classroom and Student Engagement

July 11, 2022 through August 5, 2022

Live Virtual Meetings: Thursdays — 7/14, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4 — 6:00pm-7:00pm

Online Workshop/Asynchronous: July 11 through August 5, 2022 (each week approximately 3 hours of coursework completion)

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