Did They Really Get It?  Web Tools to Help with Formative (or Summative) Assessment in collaboration with EDCO

In this workshop you will learn how to incorporate a few fun and engaging tools that will help you gather information on your students as they work towards their learning goals in your classroom.  Web 2.0 tools like Kahoot, Socrative, Playposit and Plickers, among others, will be examined.  Some of these tools allow you to enter students as well as collect and analyze the data.  Some of these tools can be a quick and easy way to dipstick, activate prior knowledge or act as a ticket to leave.  Other tools can be a more robust, more comprehensive testing tool/student response system.  Many resources discussed in this course integrate with Google Apps for Education and/or Chrome.  

You will walk away with a toolbox of resources that are easy to use in your classroom to help you better understand what your students understand.  


Course Details

Audience Classroom teachers and specialists, Grades 2-12 
Level Beginner & Intermediate
Instructor Donna Gath Criswell 
Dates January 7, 2019 to February 4, 2019 (4 weeks)
Earn 12 hours of certificate of participation
Location Online
MassCUE Member Cost $150
Non-Member Cost $190
Limit 15 Participants
PrerequisitesBasic computer and Internet skills 
Graduate Credit (Pending) At the first class, participants may choose to register for 1 graduate credit through Worcester State University for an additional fee of $125. All participants, including those who do not opt for graduate credit, will receive a certificate documenting the number of course hours attended. 

Donna Gath Criswell 

Donna Criswell has been and Instructional Technology Specialist for many years, most recently for the Sudbury K-8 district.  Donna believes that putting the tools into the hands of both teachers AND students, letting them learn through play, is key to ensuring successful and seamless integration and adoption.  Donna has presented at numerous conferences throughout the area.  She provides professional development for the EDCO Collaborative and Framingham State University.  She was invited to participate in Intel’s “Teach for America”, Teach Advanced Online seminar in the UK in 2012 and was a teacher leader for the Massachusetts New Literacies Institute in 2010 and 2011.


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Did They Really Get It?  Web Tools to Help with Formative (or Summative) Assessment in collaboration with EDCO January 7, 2019 – February 4, 2019  (4 online weekly sessions)

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Session 1: Activate Prior Knowledge 

Objective:  Help students make connections to the new information they will be learning by tapping into what they already know. Use simple web 2.0 tools to quickly assess student’s prior understanding of a topic. 

Session 2: Formative or Summative Assessment  

Objective: Experience tools like Playposit, Plickers, Kahoot, Socrative and others to design assessments that can be used as a dipstick or as a more formal assessment tool to gather data on your students’ understanding at any given point. 

Session 3: Self Assessment 

Objective: Learn how QR codes can help your students become more independent learners in your classroom.  Using QR codes can also help with classroom management. 

Session 4:  Tickets to Leave 

Objective:  Use tools like Exit Ticket, Padlet, Poll Everywhere and others to find out if there are any ideas, concepts or skills they are still unsure of or have misconceptions about before you move forward with the content. 

Course Requirements: 

This collaborative online learning experience is arranged in modules. Participants are expected to complete all readings and assignments, as well as post reflections in the online discussions.  Postings should be made early in each Module to foster deep and ongoing conversation. Rubrics for the Discussion forums and the final projects are provided in Module 1.  You must also have access to the Internet and/or chosen application(s) for the final project lesson plan and must complete assignments by their due dates. Final assignment is due within two weeks after the final class session. 

Final Project: (Graduate credit participants)

Your final project will be a lesson that incorporates one or more of the technology tools shared in this course (or one you may have discovered) that incorporates a summative or formative assessment within a unit of study.  


This course supports the following Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards: 

K-2.DTC.b.2: Use a variety of digital tools to exchange information and feedback with teachers. K-2.CT.c.3: Individually and collaboratively, propose a solution to a problem or question based on an analysis of information. 3-5.DTC.b.1: Communicate key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains using digital tools and media-rich resources. 3-5.CT.c.2: Individually and collaboratively collect and manipulate data to answer a question using a variety of computing methods (e.g., sorting, totaling, averaging) and tools (such as a spreadsheet) to collect, organize, graph, and analyze data. 6-8.DTC.b.1: Communicate and publish key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains using a variety of digital tools and media-rich resources. 6-8.DTC.c.3: Gather, organize, and analyze information from digital sources by quoting, paraphrasing, and/or summarizing. 9-12.DTC.c.1: Generate, evaluate, and prioritize questions that can be researched through digital resources or tools. 9-12.DTC.c.4: Gather, organize, analyze, and synthesize information using a variety of digital tools. 

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