Thinking Outside the Box with Google Slides – Online

In this online course participants will create a series of Google Slides in new and creative ways. Google Slides, one of my favorite Google tools, allows users to create beautiful projects asynchronously or not, as a team or independently. Learn how to insert and manipulate images with a variety of tools, e.g change the transparency, add color hues, cutting the images into shapes… without scissors to create infographics, storyboards, refrigerator magnets, comic strips, and more. In addition to exploring these tools, we will learn some choices for searching the internet for copyright free images.  Participants will also learn how to share Google files and publish their own works.  Join us to create meaningful, fun, and visually appealing Google Slides for any curriculum topic or occasion. 


Course Details

Audience All
Level Any
Instructor Audra Kaplan
Dates May 7, 2019 to June 10, 2019 (5 online sessions)
Earn  15 PDPs (or option for 1 Credit) 
Location Online
MassCUE Member Cost $150
Non-Member Cost $190
Limit 20 Participants
Prerequisites Gmail account
Graduate Credit (Optional) At the first class, participants may choose to register for 1 graduate credit through Worcester State University for an additional fee of $125. All participants, including those who do not opt for graduate credit, will receive a certificate documenting the number of course hours attended. 

Audra Kaplan

Google for Education Certified Trainer, Makey Makey Certified Trainer, Digital Learning Coach and Computer Science teacher for the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District, and Co-President of CS Teachers Greater Boston chapter. Online graduate instructor for Ed Technology Specialists and Andrews University with a master’s degree from Lesley University in Educational Technology as well as a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University. Conference presenter across New England and in New York.  Prior to completing her degree and becoming a technology integrator, Audra has spent over 17 years in the classroom teaching ELL, ELA, Social Development, Science, Math, and Computer Technology classes. At Groton-Dunstable Ms. Kaplan works to integrate technology into student and staff learning across the district and teaching Digital Literacy and Computer Science at the middle school. Ms. Kaplan was recognized as one of 100 teachers nationally by NCWIT and the NSF because of her efforts to support Computer Science in Education. During the 100 Teachers Meeting in Washington DC in December of 2014, honorees were invited to the White House. 

When away from school Ms. Kaplan enjoys spending time with her family, co leading a Girl Scout troop, learning new things, and exploring the world.  Follow her on twitter @AudraKaplan. 



Online Session 1 – 5/6 to 5/13 : Behind the scenes with underutilized tools. Infographic basics.  

Online Session 2 – 5/13 to 5/20: Building storyboards, and matching games. 

Online Session 3 – 5/20 to 5/27: Thinking outside the box. Tips and tricks to save time. 

Online Session 4 – 5/27 to 6/3: Comics for kids.  

Online Session 5 – 6/3 to 6/10: Stop motion and refrigerator magnets.

Project Description: Participants wishing to receive one credit from WSU will be creating a lesson in one of the topic areas that incorporates at least one tool and strategy learned to support struggling learners. This lesson and its resources will be shared on a Google Site.

This course supports the following Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards:  

K-2.DTC.a.3 Create a simple digital artifact. 

K-2.DTC.a.4 Use appropriate digital tools individually and collaboratively to create, review, and revise simple artifacts that include text, images and audio. 

K-2.DTC.b.1 Collaboratively use digital tools and media resources to communicate key ideas and details in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains. 

K-2.DTC.b.2 Use a variety of digital tools to exchange information and feedback with teachers. 

K-2.DTC.b.3 Use a variety of digital tools to present information to others. 

K-2.DTC.c.3 Acknowledge and name sources of information or media (e.g., title of book, author of book, website). 

3-5.DTC.a.2 Navigate between local, networked, or online/cloud environments and transfer files between each (upload/download). 

3-5.DTC.a.3 Use digital tools (local and online) to manipulate and publish multimedia artifacts. 

3-5.DTC.b.1 Communicate key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains using digital tools and media-rich resources. 

3-5.DTC.b.2 Collaborate through online digital tools under teacher supervision. 

6-8.DTC.a.2 Identify the kinds of content associated with different file types and why different file types exist (e.g., formats for word processing, images, music, three-dimensional drawings.). 

6-8.DTC.a.3 Integrate information from multiple file formats into a single artifact. 

6-8.DTC.a.4 Individually and collaboratively use advanced tools to design and create online content (e.g., digital portfolio, multimedia, blog, webpage). 

6-8.DTC.b.1 Communicate and publish key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains using a variety of digital tools and media-rich resources. 

6-8.DTC.b.2 Collaborate synchronously and asynchronously through online digital tools. 

9-12.DTC.a.1 Use digital tools to design and develop a significant digital artifact (e.g., multipage website, online portfolio, simulation). 

9-12.DTC.b.1 Communicate and publish key ideas and details to a variety of audiences using digital tools and media-rich resources. 

9-12.DTC.c.4 Gather, organize, analyze, and synthesize information using a variety of digital tools. 

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Thinking Outside the Box with Google Slides  May 7, 2019 to June 10, 2019 (5 online sessions) 

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