How We Argue: Learn to Map Arguments

Learning Tour Overview

In this workshop, Harvard Fellow Nate Otey will introduce argument mapping: a simple, powerful tool for engaging students in rigorous analysis with precision and care. Research from top universities shows that argument mapping significantly improves students’ critical thinking and writing skills. 

Agenda for the tour (90 minutes):

How do we argue today? Too often when discussing current issues, students rely on unsubstantiated facts or emotional appeals, rather than evidence and reasoning. Many teachers find class discussions to be unfocused, shallow, or frustrating – or avoid them altogether.  

We will show you how to use a free, open-source software tool to help students lead class discussions, plan a piece of persuasive writing, and build critical thinking skills with fun and interactive practice exercises. Argument mapping is particularly effective in remote or hybrid learning environments, as many teachers can attest.  

Participants will leave this workshop with simple, visual tools to make students’ writing more precise and class discussions more constructive. 

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Nate Otey – ThinkerAnalytix



ThinkerAnalytix is a non-profit startup that partners with the Harvard Philosophy Department to improve critical thinking skills on a broad scale. Our asynchronous mastery learning course, How We Argue, teaches argument analysis and evaluation skills so that middle school, high school and college students can achieve academically and discuss current issues with precision and care. We work with professors, teachers and policy makers to develop and distribute our course and other digital tools such as our new puzzle game.   At the core of TA’s work is argument mapping: a simple, powerful tool for visually constructing and analyzing arguments. Research from universities such as Carnegie Mellon and Princeton shows that learning to map arguments significantly improves students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills, as measured by large gains on the LSAT and other standardized tests. 


Date and Time Monday, January 11th, 2021   3:30pm to 5:00pm EST
Live Virtual
Level All
Audience Secondary educators (teachers and admins)  
MassCUE Member Cost No charge
Limit 25
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